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Roma Opens: Feast Like an Emperor

By Emily Gray | 21st September 2016

When we found out that new restaurant Roma was based on Ancient Rome and the Romans, the first thing we thought of was what we were taught about Roman feasting at school, how they supposedly ate until they could physically eat no more, would be sick and then keep going. Apparently that is a myth… most disappointing.

However, they were indeed decadent, they loved to eat, even if some of their dishes were questionable – udders anyone? It’s this passion for food that is inspiring the new Fenchurch restaurant – which history fans might know was the site of a Roman fort. Head Chef Arturs Gorjunovs will be bringing back ancient Roman cooking techniques such as cooking meat with hay to create unique dishes using locally sourced ingredients. They’ll also be serving cheese and salumi boards until 2am -ideal for when you get hunger pangs after having a glass or two of wine.

Wines will come from former Roman territories including France, Italy, Macedonia and Spain – in fact each wine has been traced back to the same vineyards throughout Europe that the Romans would have drunk from themselves. Pretty darn cool.

Celebrating the Roman fort that once stood there, metallic gold hues are joined by ebony timbers, mosaic inspired artwork and architectural sketch style wallpaper. There’ll also be plush banquette seating so that you can feast like an Emperor, you could try reclining in them as they did, but we’re not sure how that will go down. That said… #WheninRoma

Roma: Opens 23rd September 2016, 14 New London Street, Fenchurch, EC3R 7NA,