Ruski’s Tavern

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by | Posted on 5th August 2013
Ruski’s Tavern

When it opens next month, bang opposite Kensington Palace, Ruski’s Caviar & Vodka Tavern will pay homage to Russia’s history. Guests will be transported from London to one of the vodka dens, which sprung up in Moscow and St Petersburg in the sixteenth century.

The new venue is conceptualised by nightlife entrepreneurs Diego Bivero-Volpe and Antoin Commane. Consultant Chef is Scott Hallsworth (formerly head chef of Nobu) who has created a menu featuring everything from caviar and chips to smoked salmon and steak tartare and caviar club sandwiches. There’s even a Russian hangover cure section for the end of the night: a black bread, steak tartare and caviar-layered sandwich.

Ruski’s will also house the largest collection of vodka in London: made from Isidore’s original recipe, global blends and house infusions. Caviar and vodka flights – five shots of vodka and five spoons of caviar – take decadence to a new level.

Vodka will be served frozen or at exactly eight degrees, Matryoshka dolls will be fashioned as drinking vessels and samovars (large tea urns) will be used for sharing cocktails. Try The Rasputin – served alongside a smoking incense burner or The Tolstoy – it comes in a flask hidden inside an antique copy of War and Peace.

You can also hire the Tsar’s Table – a private room for 20 guests complete with private butler, a direct bell service to the kitchen and vodka, Champagne and caviar on tap while additional perks include complimentary overnight valet parking and a free taxi home if you live within a one mile radius.

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