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The Handbook

When you think of the different cuisines in London you probably think Vietnamese, Chinese, British, French perhaps; you probably don’t think Russian – but one man is on a mission to change that, Alexei Zimin, one of Russia’s most celebrated chefs.

You might not have heard of him but in Russia he presents on TV, edits Russia’s culinary Bible Eda and has opened up his own cookery school, Ragout, and now he is bringing a taste of Russia to the melting pot that is Soho.

He is opening Zima on Frith Street, a kitsch speakeasy serving up Russian Street food and drink from the four corners of his homeland. He’ll be using ingredients such as sturgeon, herring, scallops, crab, venison and cavier to create tapas-style dishes. Think of it as the start of your Russian cuisine education; you’ll be able to try the likes of crab claw with bread crisps and red caviar – a Kamchatka staple or black caviar with traditional sides from Yaroslavl or honey and sour cream cake ‘Medovik’ from Ufa.

Wash it all down with Russia’s finest beers such as Siberian Crown and different vodka infusions flavoured with fennel and tarragon, basil and strawberry and lingonberry and apple with curry leaves.

Taking inspiration from Russian dacha and Soviet-era ryumochnaya (vodka bar) the speakeasy style bar will have slogan and symbol embossed propaganda porcelain mixed in with modern Soho touches.

Zima: Opens 16th March, 45 Frith Street, Soho, W1D 4SD