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The Handbook

Although it wasn’t ‘ladies first’, intrepid maritime explorer Mrs Fogg (Mr Fogg’s better half), today arrives on the London scene…fashionably late, might we add to set things right! Welcome to Mrs Fogg’s Maritime Club and Distillery.

Pleasurably inspired by Aouda, the explorer Phileas Fogg’s wife in the Jules Verne novel, the new venue from Inception Group will continue its journey of kooky cocktail inventions and downright different dishes, with a nod to Auoda’s nautical heritage.

Co-founder Charlie Gilkes says “we are delighted that Mr Fogg has found his perfect partner,” and to that we say as are we, Charlie! Now we can feast on flavours and fragrances of the Asian continent and indulge in cocktails eclectic and unique which might make your sea legs worse but they’ll keep you warm as you sail into dinner.

The venue will span across two floors, including Mrs Fogg’s Maritime Port, complete with sights and sounds of a faraway harbour, alongside a paraphernalia-adorned space filled with all sorts of cargo, crates and stowaways. Other notable features include a Monkey Shoulder custom-designed Rickshaw where you can rustle up concoctions, and a gin distillery modelled on the underground Victorian distilleries of the period.

Flinging its doors open until 11pm, Mrs Fogg’s will quench your appetite with small plates like Keralan Fried Chicken, Mini Mango Salad, Sweet Potato Pani Puri and Jackfruit Biryani, served up in über cute Indian tiffin boxes that’ll have you snapping pictures all eve long.

So, if you fancy trying your hand at a gin masterclass or if you want to delve into a Saturday afternoon Tiffin Tea experience comprised of sweet and savoury bites served in Dabbawala tins, live entertainment, and eclectic cocktails (how can you say no to that!?) then visit Mrs Fogg’s.

37 Broadgate Circle, Liverpool Street, EC2M 2QS,