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A life without pork is unthinkable. Well it was for James Purdie whilst living in Dubai and on his return to the UK vowed never again go without his pig necessity. Hence, his creation of the pop-up restaurant, Oink. Located in the heart of Shoreditch, Oink pays homage to our pot-bellied friends.

So, how versatile can pork really be? Well Oink’s Swine Dining menu offers dozens of varieties including pig’s cheek, black pudding nuggets, crispy shredded pig’s ear, pulled pork shoulder and sour glazed chilli ribs. With obvious inspirations from both home and abroad, Oink offers a new range of pork not explored before in this way.

In addition, Purdie wanted to create his restaurant to offer and encourage a communal dining experience. Starters are available on sharable platters and main dishes are formed with a ‘dig-in’ concept in mind. 

Purdie believes there are plenty of “like-minded Swine Diners” looking for “a dining experience with a difference.” We’re certain at The Handbook that he will not fail to find these Londoners.

 Oink will be open Friday and Saturdays. 

Oink: Opens 3rd July, Crisis Café, 66 Commercial Street, E1 6LT,