Tanya’s Raw Food Café

5th August 2014

If you’ve had your fill of dirty burgers then this is definitely one for you. This month, Chelsea’s boutique myhotel is getting a raw food restaurant and superfood cocktail bar courtesy of raw food specialist Tanya Maher, creator of Better Raw. The lady is also professional wellness coach and reiki master who runs retreats around the UK and Ecuador.

The menu Tanya’s Raw Food Café is all about plant based burgers, curries, lasagnes, cashew cheese platters and raw chocolate cake and promises to be just as delicious as it is healthy. You can also take away in the form of Grab & Go boxes.

As for that superfood cocktail bar, we’re not just talking cocktails of kale and celery. Sure, Maher’s involve top quality vegan plants, but there’s also plenty of ethically sourced alcohol. Highlights include the Greena Colada with gold rum and barley grass and the South Asian Bloody Mary with cold pressed tomato juice and goji infused vodka.

The 46 bed myhotel Chelsea also features two newly designed and renovated artist suites: Geisha with its bright upholstery and Mandal artwork and Thai which is all minimalism and calligraphy – not to mention a walk-in wardrobe, steam room and hot tub!


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