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The 25 Club

By | 5th December 2008

There’s a new style of gym in town…So say goodbye to your downward facing dogs, your crows and your pigeons, 2009 is bringing you Holistic gyms and 25 Club is pioneering the way.

Combining physical workouts with a mental and healthy state of mind, 25 Club manages to give you a hard work out, unlike those gentle yoga stretches most of us are used to, whilst at the same time keeping a nurturing and caring approach to the fitness.

With only 200 members, the gym aims for an exclusive hand-tailored approach. The cosiness of the club is heightened further by having a personal trainer to work closely with you, looking at your goals and the time you want to take to get there. The thorough process begins with having your bio-signature taken, which tells you where you store most of your fat, and what supplements you should be taking to even this out. After this you will have your training session. I had the highly recommended Graham Mountford, who after studying my bio-signature worked out the best ways for me to train so I was able to work more strongly on the weaker areas. Graham will then work through your diet, finally coming up with a unique fat loss technique involving supplementation, exercise and diet. So what makes the club so different? It’s not just that the club manages to feel like a family, knowing more about your life then your relatives, it’s that their goal is not just weight loss but also an overall healthier and happier lifestyle which in turn will improve the body.

In fact, 25 Club is certainly not simply about working out. They are keen to express that the unison between what your job entails, your diet, your hobbies, your home-life all integrates with how you are feeling physically and emotionally, giving it that “holistic” edge above an ordinary gym.

Yet, with so many different treatments to choose from, it’s difficult to know where to start. Nina, the Energy healer, works wonders on aligning your charkas, centring and grounding you and alerting you to areas which perhaps feel out of kilter with the rest of your body. The session lasts an hour and puts you into a deep relaxation. Afterwards there is an instant calmness which envelops the body and the sense of immediate ‘unblocking’. Nina’s aim is to help her clients connect with themselves and restore their inner balance.

But the holistic experience doesn’t stop there. Jenny, the masseuse, works on your body with hot stones, which means that the body is constantly warm and supple ready for instant manipulation. No knot or muscle is left untouched and Jenny’s expert hands-on technique means that the body is not simply skimmed over but really manipulated and worked on and the posture is realigned. Jenny deals with a lot of athletes and their injuries, and there definitely is a feeling of complete overwhelming well being after leaving her session.

Not only does the 25 Club offer acupuncture and many other treatments but they also give you life coaching. So if you’re continuing to feel like a misguided missile after a hard week and need to calm your addled brain, then Miranda Banks is the person to see. Not only does Miranda manage the Top of the League Bath Rugby team but also every CEO in London seems to be veering in her direction to gain some valuable techniques and life secrets on how to manage their lives. With a suggested six sessions Miranda will work through all the basics from your childhood to present day and piece together the successful route forward. Whether it’s that promotion or an Olympic medal, Miranda looks at the ways in which they can become possible. Energetic and upbeat, Miranda is certainly not the person to be pooh poohing any ideas you have, but realistically reshaping them to allow them to be accessible.

So, with talk that we might be living until we’re 135 with help from POM and other cheating death techniques, maybe a little holistic treatment is what we’ll be needing to keep a bit of sanity and health in our life. And the 25 Club is certainly the place to start.

The 25 Club
25 Hanover Square