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The Handbook

Remember the last night you spent at Liverpool Street’s The Bathhouse, that decadent nightspot nestled in the bowels of a City churchyard? Probably not so much – but in a good way. Well it has just spawned a diabolical offspring launching this week in Stoke Newington. The Baby Bathhouse is located in the former Gold Bar – destroyed by fire last year – but which has arisen as a first floor bistro and cocktail bar with a further bar and nightclub underground in the basement.

Interior design is inspired by the Victorian era and battleship grey and brass exterior with church style door and lanterns belies the exuberant vibe inside. Bespoke seating, fashioned from reclaimed church pews continue the ecclesiastic theme while walls clad in deep violet, padded panels and a black and white porcelain floor create the ambience of a cosy, Victorian parlour.

The ground floor is all chandeliers, dark wood bar top and the original venue’s signature Victoriana wallpaper with cubby-hole lightboxes showcasing the era’s curios from Gothic trinkets to skeletons. Tiffany lamps decorate the bar area and bottles sit atop shelving made from of antique dressing tables. The Victorians revelled in anatomical and botanical discoveries after all.

Downstairs, the nightclub and cocktail bar explore the darker side of Victorian erotica and then two private nooks sit behind the DJ booth which takes the form of custom-made gilded birdcage! From late spring there’ll also be a garden terrace, complete with cobbled walkway, street lamps and more of those trademark oversized gilded birdcages and a barbecue too.

Entertainment will see Nathan Gregory Wilkins of Electric Stew and Boombox curating the DJ roster plus live music, comedy and performance art. We’re not sure if the parlour games and other worldly orators are a threat or a promise but we’re willing to be converted.

The Baby Bathhouse
125 Church Street
Stoke Newington
N16 0UH
0207 920 9207