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The Handbook

Launching this weekend at Quaglino’s is glamorous subterranean cocktail and jazz pop up bar, The Hutch Club. The new addition pays homage to the venue’s hedonistic spirit, which began when flamboyant host Giovanni Quaglino opened the doors to a beautiful, decadent society crowd in 1929.

The name is taken from one of the most popular cabaret entertainers of the twentieth century who would arrive at nightclubs dressed like an aristocrat with a white piano strapped to his chauffeur-driven car. The then Prince of Wales even asked him to play at St James’s Palace.

The club will be located in the depths of Quaglino’s from 1 June to 31 August and will boast an Art Deco inspired Martini Bar, a private Drinking Den and London’s first boutique alcoholic Popcorn Bar. Strictly by reservation only, guests will descend into an underground late-night bar featuring vintage golden palm trees, dimly lit cocktail lounges and a grand piano, overlooking the sweeping staircase to Quaglino’s restaurant floor.

There will be a programme of live jazz on Friday and Saturday evenings, featuring the Basin Street Brawlers with their 1920’s stomps and rag tunes, vintage vocal duo Verity & Violet, Benoit Viellefon and His Hot Club and The Dixie Ticklers, playing Dixieland jazz with a contemporary London edge.

Heritage cocktails feature spirit brands Courvoisier Exclusif VSOP Cognac, The Macallan Amber Malt Whisky, No3 London Dry Gin and elit by Stolichnaya Vodka and there will also be alcohol-infused small plates including Salmon Tartar with Vodka Jelly & Herring Roe, Oyster & Gin Soup with Lime & Coriander and Smoked Chocolate Ice Cream with Whisky Cream & Mandarin Popcorn. The alcoholic Popcorn Bar itself will be curated by gourmet popcorn connoisseurs Joe & Seph, who have designed a bespoke Gin & Tonic flavour with No 3 London Dry Gin.