The Handbook
The Handbook
By | 14th October 2011

He is the co-owner of some of London’s most reputable hangouts and in the past few years, anyone with any panache and nocturnal savoir has been spotted outside one or all of his locales.

But after Whisky Mist, Mahiki, The Punchbowl, and heading up the high-profile events company, what’s next for Nick House, the man whose finger is so firmly on the button?

True to form, he is set to reinvent himself yet again.

And this time, it’s the turn of ‘The Rose’ to take centre stage.

At 23 Orchard Street, W1 (close enough to move on to from the Punchbowl, and offering just as much a pull as his other venues), House’s new baby will be ‘a glamorous speakeasy in a part of London previously famed as the stomping ground of L’Equipe Anglais’, says a spokesperson.

“The concept is based around a lifestyle of choice, more than just a club. The Rose building will incorporate a chic upmarket nightclub in the basement, industrial New York City-style lounge on the first floor, and 2,000 sq ft terrace on the roof.’

Seeming as though his existing establishments have become the stomping ground for various members of the royal circle (Prince Harry being a repeat offender in Whisky Mist and Mahiki) and celebrities of all calibres, there’s no reason to doubt The Rose won’t have a similar appeal. Especially since Nick House has done away with memberships and is making it a open-to-everyone sort-of-place.

Of course, it’s not just the West End he’s looking after. This summer, Chelsea’s newest restaurant, The Markham Inn, opened to much applause. Its ultra-discreet website and prime location has already made it a hit among the locals.

So where, pray, do we start? I suppose it doesn’t matter in the end: Nick has made it his business we each have something to do every night of the week.

The Rose Opens Mid-November.

23 Orchard Street, London, W1H 6HL
Tel: 0870 240 5436