The Talented Mr Fox

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by | Posted on 2nd October 2013
The Talented Mr Fox

Matt Whiley, one of the founding directors of Fluid Movement, the group behind Purl and The Worship Street Whistling Shop has taken a residency at One Leicester Street, as The Talented Mr Fox (get it ‘whiley’ fox?)

Whiley has joined forces with the venue’s Michelin starred chef, Tom Harris to create craft cocktails that will complement the restaurant’s culinary agenda. His inventive drinks list puts a new spin on old classics.

His Bloody Mary is clear as glass – made with clarified tomato juice and vodka distilled with pigs’ blood to lend the concoction a distinctive iron-like flavour. Bacon powder coats the rim of the glass for an additional shot of meatiness and you’ll also get a BM hydrosol atomizer on the side for a touch of spice.

And as London’s dustbins are being replaced by more practical solutions to counteract those ‘whiley’ scavengers, another signature drink references the rise of the urban fox: a secret concoction (you’ll just have to order one to find out more) served in a mini wheelie bin. It comes with a mini plastic bag labelled ‘bin juice’, to be added to the mixture.

The Peasant’s Breakfast is based on that interwar staple, bread and dripping, and features a ‘bready’ Dutch Genever gin as a base while coffee dripped absinthe will be served in an apothecary bottle alongside a crispy pig’s ear. The squeamish need not apply but fans of anything visceral will love it.

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