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The Handbook

Think of a type of restaurant and London probably has it, however obscure. You want cereal? Then it’s Cereal Killer. Want animals? That’s Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium. Apparently what we don’t have is a properly authentic Japanese Izakaya,  well as of 12th March that is to change as London welcomes the first one, The Woodstock.

Based on the pubs in Japan which are a pit-stop between work and home (literally translated Izakaya means ‘stay sake shop’) The Woodstock, which is just off Oxford Street, will focus on casual drinking and freshly grilled skewers. And boy do they have a lot of skewers – 20 in fact, so if you find choosing what to order difficult then good luck. Or you know visit every day for a week and have four a night.

The menu is split into two categories; Kushiyaki and Kushyage skewers. Kushiyaki are skewers served with salt or teriyaki and includes ingredients like chicken, pork belly, beef and vegetables with cheese. Whilst Kushyage skewers and are served with miso and dashi sauce and will include chicken and cheese, pork tonkatsu and soft shell crab.

Accompanying them will be Japanese draft beer, sakes, shochu, umeshu and Japanese whiskeys along with their take on classic hot drinks – matcha latte, matcha green tea and sencha green tea. If you’re less adventurous when it comes to drinks then they’ll also have Prosecco, Champagne, Young’s London Stout, lager and Meantime IPA.

Having sought out help from London-based Japanese designers Total Planner LTD, The Woodstock will have relaxed, casual atmosphere. On the ground floor you are met by a large slate fronted bar, exposed wooden walls and an open kitchen, whilst downstairs will provide more seating.

We’ll order the skewers in and see you after work then?

The Woodstock: Opens 12th March, Woodstock Street, W1C 2AE