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The Handbook

Easter is almost upon us and what does that mean? Four days off in a row and no need to feel guilty about eating an unholy amount of chocolate and hot cross buns – just our kind of holiday! We've rounded up some of our favourite events, cocktails and Easter treats in London; look at this as your guide to the perfect mini break in London!

Bart’s Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

Start your Bank holiday weekend off with a little trip to the most secret place in London, well in Chelsea, maybe….Barts. They will be hosting a tea party complete with cupcakes, a Hendricks teacup tipple reception, a golden egg Easter hunt, fancy dress competition and a special Easter Elixir which is topped with none other than a quail’s egg. That’s why it’s called Quail Surprise. 17thApril

Bluebird's Easter Cup

Stop the press! Over on the Kings Road, Bluebird are serving up a real Easter cocktail to be proud of – a gin based cocktail served up in a whole, yes whole, chocolate Easter egg. Although reservedly it is called The Easter Cup, we would name it the King of Easter cocktails.

B- Soho Chocolate Factory Competition

B-Soho have looked to the godfather of chocolate, Willy Wonka, for their Easter offering, and as you’ve guessed it, it includes a golden ticket. The artisan pizza place have created 3 cocktails which combine the flavours of spring with chocolate. Guests can choose from a chocolate martini, a muddle of Limoncello and Prosecco known as the Italian Pimms and the Mint Chocolate Bomb, a layered shot of Kahula, Crème De Menthe and Baileys. And one of those cocktails will have a golden ticket which will win you a month’s supply of pizza. Hurrah!

Chocolate Afternoon Tea 

Anyone manage to give up chocolate for Lent successfully? Thought so, well valiant effort for even attempting it – that’s more than us. Still we are going to celebrate like we did give it up by indulging in the Chocolate Afternoon Tea at Season, Harvey Nichols. Start with a chocolate martini, follow with chocolate fondant fancies, Easter bunny sable biscuits, chocolate eggs and simnel cake, chocolate hot cross buns with clotted cream and Easter macaroons on a candy floss nest.

Crème Egg Cocktail 

Part cocktail, part pudding but wholly devilish, it’s The Fable’s Crème Egg Cocktail. Made from Chairman’s spiced rum, Angostura bitters, orange bitters, chocolate powder and brown sugar it is then topped with whipped cream, 4 mini eggs and 2 crème eggs. That’s just the sort of cocktail we could order three too many of.

Easter Ice Cream 

We say Easter food, you say? Well 90% of you will probably say chocolate, but no, that is not the answer, the answer is hot cross buns obviously. If we are to be really specific then it is hot cross bun flavoured ice cream over at Gelupo in Soho. It’s traditionally spiced, has a sticky glazed and it’s limited – so go get your mitts on it now.

Harvey Nichols Easter Egg Hunt

Baileys Chocolat Luxe are hosting an immersive theatre egg hunt across all 5 floors of Harvey Nichols. The store will be transformed and transported back in time to the lavish, elegant and at times eccentric, 18th century Rococo movement. Guests will interact and join in with the cast who will lead them on the hunt to find the Baileys Choclate Luxe Easter egg, a decadent adult-only chocolate version of eggs and soldiers, and at the same time will unlock a six course feast created by the Chiappa sisters. That’s right kids, move over, Easter is back for the adults. 19th April

Hot Cross Bun Gelato

When you want to keep eating the sugar (ignore the warnings about potential addictions for this weekend) but you can’t keep eating chocolate eggs, then the hot cross bun gelato at Snow Flake could be just your thing. Inspired by Italian breakfasts of brioche and gelato, choose from over 50 different gelato and sorbet flavours to stuff between a fruity, squidgy, delicious hot cross bun. We’ll take 50 then.

Nobu Easter Eggs 

Want an Easter egg like no other? Over at Nobu they have created three luxury eggs using the principles of simple Japanese design, we like to think of them as the sophisticated eggs in the Easter market. With three to choose from, we are lusting over the ‘Zen’ which is inspired by traditional rake patterns of Japanese gardens made from milk chocolate and sprayed vibrant red. They are works of art in themselves, that said we’ll still be eating them.

Royal Horseguards Hotel Afternoon Tea 

As you enter the lobby of the Victorian hotel you will come across a bespoke spring sculpture made entirely from sugar and chocolate but you’re not here to eat that, don’t even try… you’re either here for the chocolate afternoon tea, where children can also decorate Easter eggs, or you’re here for the chocolate tasting menu, in the One Twenty One Two restaurant, which combines chocolate in each course. Either way just don’t eat the sculpture.