Following on from the success of Beavers, which opened on Fulham Road at the end of last year, Charlie Gilkes and Duncan Stirling are back with the next Inception Group venue, Cahoots.

Hidden under Kingly Court (you need to look out for the underground sign) Cahoots is all about partying post -war 1940s style. Take a trip down the old-fashioned wooden escalators and you’ll be greeted at the entry kiosk, if you can tell them correctly which station you want to travel to then a special one way ticket is issued and you’re in…. simple.

Taking inspiration from the morale boosting efforts during the Blitz, the black market and secret parties in disused underground stations, once inside prepare for a right old knees up. Swing dancing, sing-a-longs around the piano and entertainment from the stars of the 1940s, , war veterans, Hollywood starlets, politicians and aristocrats are the order of the day.  Decked with bunting, mismatched furniture, vintage train carriages and 1940’s tube carriage seats, no detail is left out, including the menu which features spam fritters – what were you expecting? Rations were still a thing then.

Cocktails, black market liquors and post-war favourites, gin and rum all feature heavily and will be surreptitiously slurped from old mugs, hip flasks and vintage milk bottles and tin. In a group? Then The Tanquery No.Ten Station Clock sharing cocktail is served in actual working clock, although the time does tick backwards-so you’re night is never ending. 

Opens March 5th


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