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The Handbook

East London has a new basement bar, WM Barker & Co and it’s serving up shrub cocktails, artisan coffees, craft beers and toasties…sign us up.

So if you’re not sure what are shrub cocktails are, no they are not cocktails with parts of plants stuck in them, rather they are cocktails made using sweet and sour syrups called shrubs and WM Barker & Co will have ten seasonally changing cocktails each inspired by an area in London. So in Shoreditch you have #TheArtist, a floral affair, Hoxton has  #ThePhotographer, Dalston has #TheDJ and Canary Wharf has #TheTrader a mix of vodka, kahlua, caramel shrub and espresso – a high energy power cocktail to get them through the long days. They’ll be London craft beers including Meantime and Camden Town Brewery, New World wines, prosecco and Champagne too.   

Alongside cheeses, charcuterie boards and soups they’ll be serving up toasties, in all the warm, delicious gooeyness. These aren’t just your average cheese toasties though, how does The Brinner sound? Egg, Cumberland sausage, bacon and Black Bomber cheddar. Or The Mac and Cheese with chorizo pate and caramelised red onion? Sounds delicious to us. They’ve also got open sandwiches such as hot smoked salmon with cucumber, soft boiled eggs and capers or smashed avocado with tomatoes.

Of course in the evening you can snack on toasties after several cocktails, but in the morning we say pick one up on the way to work, with a cup of their coffee  from the gourmet coffee station. Cold brews will be infused in cold water over 24 hours, served cold to keep the nutrients intact and if it’s a really difficult morning then you’ll need, Will’s Early Riser, a double espresso with grass-fed butter and brain octane oil.

Named after the original owner of the building and situated between Spitalfields, Liverpool Street and Shoreditch, you never know WM Barker & Co might bring hipsters, trend setters and traders together…

WM Barker & Co: Open Now, 202 Bishopsgate, EC2M 4NR,