It’s time for one thing: a picnic!

It’s the perfect time to start stocking up your picnic hamper with non-perishable goodies to help you cool down in this hot, hot weather! Today we’re focusing on the best canned drinks to pack, from hard seltzers to CBD infused tins.

So if you’re sitting there sweltering, wondering what drinks to order in for your next picnic, read on to find out our fifteen favourites. 

Canned Hard Seltzers 

The last few years has seen the American hard seltzer craze flying the nest and arriving in the UK, and since then, we’ve been completely obsessed. It’s essentially fizzy water with natural fruit extracts and alcohol infused and blended to create an incredibly refreshing, low-calorie beverage. One that’s perfect for the picnic too.

Two Brooks

Keep your cool in the sun with a little help from London based independent drinks brand, Two Brooks. Home to both adorable packaging and entirely natural ingredients, the brand is helping to revolutionise the alcohol industry with its healthy take on your favourite cocktails. Choose from Lime Cooler, Porn Star and Mango Hi-Ball.

£23.99 for 12 cans,

Bodega Bay 

Swap your sugar fuelled favourite and opt for Bodega Bay, a guilt free solution to socialising with alcohol. Bodega Bay’s drinks are made with no additives, sweeteners or sulphites, and are entirely vegan. Choose from their enticing flavours, apple, ginger and açai berry; elderflower, lemon and mint; and cherry, mango and goji berry.

£2.25 per can via Ocado,


Made using fermented sugar beet alcohol, sparkling water and natural fruit flavourings, Berczy is the perfect addition to your park picnic thanks to its light and refreshing taste. Eek out every ounce of the sunny weather with their fruity flavours, including our favourite the passionfruit and turmeric.

£25.95 for 12 cans,

CBD Infused Cans 

For something non-alcoholic, look to CBD infused drinks. These help to bring you a bit of calm in the chaos of the everyday. CBD is packed with a whole host of health benefits, from helping you get your forty winks at night to relieving stress.


CBD giants TRIP certainly know a thing or two about CBD and its calming effects. Their cans are infused with natural adaptogens meaning you can sip stress-free, plus they’re also vegan and have no added sugar so they are healthy too. Choose the mixed pack and sample the Elderflower Mint, Peach Ginger and Lemon Basil flavours.

£14 for 6 cans,


Designed with the healthy hedonist in mind, MEDA’s range of CBD drinks hopes to help bring balance to your life without you having to sacrifice on flavour, taste and deliciousness. Explore their range of canned beverages, all designed with specific areas to tackle, from strengthening your skin to helping you master your sleep, using specific nootropics, adaptogens and nutrients needed for these different health areas. 

£30 for 12 cans,

Gibson’s Goodology 

Another CBD drinks brand we’re obsessed with is Gibson’s Goodology. Each drink packs in 25mg of CBD helping you to restore your body’s natural harmony. Choose from their flavours, Shiso Tea and Blueberry; Jasmine Tea and Rhubarb; or, our favourite, Green Tea and Passion Fruit. Think fruity, healthy and delicious. 

£14.99 for 3 cans,

Canned Wine 

Forgo the judging looks you receive when you pull out a bottle of wine at the local park and swap the bottle for a trusty canned wine instead. Yep, canned wine is also hugely popular right now and they are certainly easier to pack in your bag or hamper when you’re headed for a picnic because they can’t break as easily!


Spotted these cans at your local supermarket and wondered whether the hype was worth it? Trust us when we say, yes! Yes, they are. The London-based startup, NICE is on a mission to become ‘the nicest wine company in the world’, helping the planet, people and, of course, creating the best wine. Try it out for yourself – we love the pale rosé – and we’re almost certain you’ll love the range too.

£20 for 6 cans,

The Uncommon 

Vegan friendly? Check. Locally made? Check. Low sugar? Check. The Uncommon’s wine range is made using some of the finest grapes England has to offer, and don’t just trust us when we say it, because they’ve also won awards for it too! Shop the range online and fall in love with their quirky British branding, as well as what’s inside.

From £44 for 8 cans, 


Made for all of the huns out there, HUN is an East London based drinks brand helping to pave the way for a new wine world. And you guessed it, it’s in canned form. HUN sources premium quality wine from South Africa and is the UK’s first Fairtrade wine in a can. Go for fizz with their HUN Rosé Bubbles or play it simple with their Sauvignon Blanc.

From £15 for 6 cans,

Canned Cocktails

If you can’t get your fix at your favourite cocktail bar, get it in the next best form: canned cocktail! Forget the sorry supermarket excuses we’ve all grown to hate, there are several micro-breweries and independent startups out there offering great canned cocktails.  

Bloody Drinks 

Curb your hangover from the night before and order in a selection of Bloody Mary’s from East London startup Bloody Drinks. With a base of premium vodka and Amontillado, one sip will see you indulging in the finest tomatoes from Italy and Spain and a zap of lemony freshness. All that’s left to do is pour it into a glass and add your garnish of choice.

From £13 for 4 cans


Created by brothers Myles and Kit Donneky, Cantails allows you to enjoy the glorious flavours created by expert mixologists at home, simply in a can. Made from 100% natural ingredients sourced from all over the world to create authentic tasting cocktails, the cans come in a range of flavour combinations – think Hawaiian Spritz, Mojito and Berry Mule.

£15 for 5 cans,


Shaking up the canned cocktail scene is Forage, the sustainable canned cocktail from Dorset. Set up in the heat of lockdown by Matilda Oram, the drinks brand prides itself on producing 100% British cocktails, made with natural ingredients, no added sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Perfect for the vodka enthusiasts, there are two tasty flavours to choose from. For a sweeter tipple, try the pressed gooseberry, strawberry and mint that combines the juicy strawberry tang with the zestiness from the gooseberry and refreshing mint. Or, try the classic British flavour combo of pressed apple and rhubarb in a fizzy spritz.

£15 for 4 cans,

Gin In A Tin 

Leave the balloon glass at home, enjoy your gin canned with these gin in a tin options. There are so many options on the market for canned gins, but we’ve whittled down our favourite three to tie you over until the bars reopen. 

Edinburgh Gin

Lovers of pink gin, look no further than Edinburgh Gin’s Raspberry Gin Fizz can. It’s made by infusing sparkling wine with their popular Edinburgh Gin’s Raspberry Liqueur. Available in bundles of 12, expect this tipple to be sweet but super refreshing. Bring along your plastic champagne flutes, garnish with fresh raspberries and no one will be able to tell otherwise. 

£24 for 12 cans,

Bombay Sapphire 

Gin giants, Bombay Sapphire joined the can revolution last year with the release of their gin in a tin combo. Add in a fresh squeeze of lime and you’ll be on your way to the perfect serve. It’s classic, simple and will fuel you through the endless picnics.

From £2.50 a can,

East London Liquor Company

Mix up your usual gin and tonic combo and opt for East London Liquor Company’s grapefruit infusion. It’s made using natural extracts and juices from the fruit, and contains absolutely zero artificial flavours, colours or preservatives, so it is relatively healthy too!

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