Whether you missed your family’s traditional Christmas dinner, or hugging granny or pulling crackers with your sister, we sacrificed a lot last December. From longing to watch your local D-list ‘sleb switch on the Christmas lights to heading to midnight mass, we spent lockdown Christmas alone and missing everything and everyone that makes up our usual yuletide experience.

But the folks over at Pret A Manger, yes the sandwich people, are betting the house on the thing you most longed for last Christmas was their turkey and cranberry Christmas sandwiches. And do you know what? Maybe they’re right…

They say that Christmas comes earlier each year, but this one’s so early that it may just be late. Pret a Manger are today launching their Christmas 2020 sarnies and you can actually buy them in the shops now until the end of the month.

Sure, it’s a little discombobulating walking into Pret in shorts and flip flops and picking up what’s, in effect, a roast dinner between wholemeal bread. But it’s oddly a bit or normality returned and an annual experience restored. Like watching Euro 2020 in summer 2021.

Like watching Euro 2020 in summer 2021...

And if you thought that was pretty off-the-wall, you ain’t seen nothing. Pret have accompanied this PR stunt by persuading Noddy Holder to front the campaign.


You know, Noddy Holder. Off of the 70s. He sang Slade’s Christmas hit single Merry Xmas Everyone. The one that goes”So here it is Merry Christmas, everybody’s having fun…” and so on.

Pret have managed to spring Holder from bingo or his bridge rubber or whatever he was doing to make some summer reddies while he waits for his annual PRS Christmas cheque to come in. And he’s a sort of national treasure, so why the hell not?

Pret have managed to spring Holder from bingo or his bridge rubber or whatever he was doing...

And so alongside our fave seasonal sandwiches we also have the physical embodiment of Christmas (Justin Welby may disagree) flogging the things. I mean, what’s not to love?


IT’S CHRIIIIIISSSTMAAAS (in July) 🎄⛱️🎅🕶️No one should ever miss our iconic Christmas sandwich so we’re bringing it back for one month onlyAnd what better way to celebrate than with the original Christmas icon, Noddy Holder 🎤🎶🥪Order for delivery here: https://bit.ly/3AwtZGl

Posted by Pret A Manger on Monday, July 5, 2021

Well, maybe the fact that as the temperatures clamber their way back up toward 30 degrees over the next couple of weeks there’s pretty much nothing further from our minds than Christmas or turkey butties.

It's a little unclear where the inspo for this came from...

It’s a little unclear where the inspo for this came from, perhaps they had already printed all the packaging, maybe someone glanced at the cranberry jam’s sell-by-date or the wholesale price on turkey (or vegan nut roast for the veggies) has plummeted.

Either way, Merry Christmas Everyone!


Pret are selling their Christmas sandwiches between now and the first week of August and can also be ordered straight to door via delivery partners like Deliveroo, Uber Eats and Just Eat.

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