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The Handbook

Sunday doesn’t have to be the day that you spend recovering from the party, curled up in front of Netflix; Sunday can be the party! #SundayFunday. And one restaurant that has the Sunday vibes spot-on is Hakkasan. The Michelin-starred restaurant is already known for its Dim Sum Sundays, a feast of cocktails, Champagne and dim sum and now they are taking things up a notch with the introduction of a new ‘luxe version’, featuring a bottle of 2008 Louis Roederer Cristal Champagne. Here are five reasons you need to check it out…

The Champagne and Cocktails

Dim Sum Sunday embodies the ancient Cantonese tradition of yum cha, a gathering of friends and family at the weekend to celebrate spending time together and feasting… on dim sum. It also includes Londoners’ way of spending time together: drinking.

Start with a cocktail, if you like it sweet I recommend the Rose Blossom, made from Plymouth Sloe gin, Cynar Aperitif, mandarin, cherry and lemon. With your dim sum you’ll have a bottle (between two) of 2008 Louise Roederer Cristal Champagne which was launched in London this summer, and is said to be the best Cristal on the market. Swigging Champagne on a Sunday? Fancy! Then after pudding choose another cocktail, I’d say go for the Black Forest Martini, a rich pudding like drink of Belvedere vodka, Mozart dark chocolate, strawberry, raspberry, blackberry and cream.

The Dim Sum

Head Chef Tong Chee Hwee has created a four-course feast that includes starters to share, platters of dim sum and a whole host of puddings. To start there’s crispy duck salad with sharp pomelo, pine nuts and shallots to share, followed by the dim sum…

When it comes to dim sum, there’s plump har gau, pumpkin puffs (with halloween round the corner, perfectly seasonal) with black truffle, sweet oven baked lamb puffs, ham mooli puffs with light, flaky, pastry and Chinese chive stuffed dumplings. There’s a choice of two mains, which we found actually played second fiddle to the dim sum. Meaty prawns were coated in sweet-and-sour sauce and stir-fry black pepper rib-eye beef was served with Merlot. To accompany your mains there’s stir-fry baby broccoli and spring onion and egg fried rice. If I could, I’d live off the dim sum at Hakkasan, it’s that good.

From the puddings menu you’ll find little apple and caramel choux buns, and I particularly enjoyed the ginger and lemon macaroons. You’ll leave feeling full, but not so full that you need to undo your belt a notch or two, as I have been known to do (not the look you want).

The Look

Admittedly, on your way to Hakkasan Hanway Place you do wonder if you’ve taken a wrong turn, it’s in a dark corner down a rather dingy alley opposite Tottenham Court Road. That all changes, though, as you walk down the stairs, through the heady incense and into the subterranean restaurant. Designed by Christian Liaigre, the maze-like room is carved up by ornate, black, latticed screens made from English oak and creating a luxurious warren of opulent corners, booths and semi-private dining rooms. It’s all black and gold with moody low lighting and, when we were there, a violinist gliding round the room playing to an electric soundtrack. It’s classic date territory.

It’s Award Winning

If you’re going to drag yourself out on a Sunday then don’t just drag yourself out for anything. You want it to be the best, and since opening in 2001 Hakkasan Hanway Place has won award after award after award, notably retaining it’s Michelin star for the last 15 years. It’s not just the food that has got people talking though, it’s also won numerous interior and design awards, the wine list has been recognised on the Imbibe Wine List of the Year and, in 2011, Christine Parkinson, head of wine was recognised as Personality of the Year award by Imbibe Magazine. 

The Celebs

We’re not guaranteeing that you’re going to spot an A-lister, but with the likes of Kim and Kanye (or as he’s now known, Ye), Amber Le Bon, Will Smith and Rihanna regularly dining at Hakkasan then you never know, you might get lucky and spot a star.

Hakkasan Hanway Place, 8 Hanway Place, W1T 1HDH