The Handbook
The Handbook

We’re always on the look out for new places to have brunch and so finding ourselves in Mayfair last week we headed to the recently opened brasserie, 8 Mount Street. 

With golden brass panelled walls and crisp linen cloths lining the tables,  the overall look is elegant, smart yet still understated. Downstairs you’ll find a dimly lit, intimate bar, which says it has the feeling of a private member’s club, without the membership prices of course. Something also has to be said about the bathrooms. I always check out the bathrooms wherever I go, necessity normally calls for it, but these loos just need to be seen. They have a trippy, psychedelic feel that is completely at odds with the rest of the ambience – perhaps this is the surprise that the website mentions. You step through into a completely mirrored room, a disorientating feeling which I can imagine is only heightened after a couple of glasses of wine. At the back, a red light leads you to the cubicles, these too are all painted in red: the floors, ceilings, walls and doors, with strip lights on the walls and then black loos. I’m not sure exactly what the inspiration was here – not to say we didn’t like it, but it certainly didn’t feel like we were in a brasserie in Mayfair.


Interior aside we were there for the newly launched brunch menu – the menu is extensive with classic dishes such as eggs Benedict and French toast through to lobster omelettes and mac & cheese with wild mushrooms. Scrambled eggs are given a Mayfair twist by being served with truffle, crème fraiche and sourdough toast, indulgent and decadent without the truffle being too empowering. A side helping of smashed avocado was more than generous – they didn’t hold back on their portions and we didn’t complain, brunch to us should be hearty, it is two meals in one after all. Sourdough toast was topped with more smashed avocado, tomatoes, a basil salad and a thick wedge of goat’s cheese – we finished it with a bowl of crisp, hand-cut chips which were light, fluffy, salty and not at all greasy. We ended with a round of Bloody Mary’s from the station at the bar, the spicy, vodka hit taking the edge off our hangovers.

The staff were all polite, but it could have been a little more polished, just small things such as being told the menu by the waitress to have it all explained by the next and the same happening with our drinks order, that said they were small points so hardly an offense.

If you’re looking for somewhere for brunch for a more special occasion (your birthday, your parents are visiting or you’re out to impress) then 8 Mount Street would be a good a choice, it’s smart, elegant but still relaxed enough that you feel like you can settle in for the morning.