The Handbook
The Handbook

When? The next 90’s Brunch is taking place on the 22nd October, but for the full line up of dates check out the website.

Where? Each 90’s Brunch is held at a different location which is annouced the Monday before the brunch we attended was at Floripa in Shoreditch.

On the Menu: The menu is kept simple, starters are shared – either go for the vegetable fritters or BBQ – then you choose a main course; jerk chicken burger, beef chilli or vegetable burger, before finishing with doughnuts, again to share.


First Impressions: The 90’s Brunch is a raucous affair, when we arrived everyone was getting stuck into the unlimited Bellinis and already dancing. With the windows blacked out, the music blaring and everyone drinking, you forget that it is actually the middle of the day and that you probably will be the only drunk one on the tube on the way home.

The Look: Each brunch is hosted at a different venue, so the team make sure that they bring props to get the theme going. Floripa was decked out in 90’s gear – cut out Pokémon sat on tables, waiters wore rollerblades, there were pictures of Mickey Mouse, you could cover yourself in transfer tattoos like you did as a child, there was hula hooping and a screen playing classic 90s films.

What We Ate: We went for the BBQ sharer – sticky pork ribs and spicy chicken drumsticks. The jerk chicken burger is a good choice with plenty of thick cut potato wedges, the beef chilli had just the right amount of kick but needed more tortilla chips to scoop it up with. The DIY doughnuts were a sad affair – four mini ring doughnuts, a little stale and served with a meagre helping of fruit, I’m not quite sure where the DIY came into it, but by this time everyone was more interested in doing the Macarena then actually eating.


What We Drank: For the first hour you have unlimited Bellinis, so we started on these before moving on to Champagne – well you might as well go the whole way.

Go With: Anyone who knows all the words to theme song of Fresh Prince of Bel Air, is nostalgic for their youth and loves day time drinking.

Final Word: Brunch is rather secondary to the party, you’re not going for the food so much as the party itself. The DJ was playing classic 90s tunes and encouraging everyone to get involved with the lip sync battles on stage. If Britney, Backstreet Boys and B*Witched were your thing back in the day, or now as soon as you’ve had a drink then this is the brunch for you.

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