Barts boycotts Valentine’s Day

By a woman smiling holding a drink in black and white Emily Gray |
6th February 2013

Valentine’s Day is looming, for some it is a day to indulge in and be spoilt, for others it is that last minute tacky card and flowers from a garage, and for others it is a day to be dreaded as you drown your sorrows in the nearest bar. Well this year Barts have had enough, they are boycotting celebrating just Valentine’s Day rather the speakeasy styled bar is running a month of good old fashioned, laid back fun. They have installed a secret message board on the French windows where you can write your secrets, tell your loved how much they mean to you, or just tell the guy on the other side of the room that you are single! They have also come up with two cocktails for the month.

Last night The Handbook team headed over to the ‘worst kept secret in London’ (it’s on Sloane avenue…but ssssh! We didn’t tell you that…) to try out these new cocktails, the Bonnie and Clyde, the coolest of couples. As you guessed they are cocktails for girls and boys. Bonnie is a champagne cocktail with Moet, fresh rose petals, rose essence and rose marmalade and the Clyde for the gentlemen is a Bourbon based drink with dark chocolate and chili. For presentation and creativity they were definitely worth 10 out of 10 they looked wonderful, and the Bonnie was lovely, although the rose flavour was perhaps too subtle it could have been a bit stronger. The Clyde is definitely for the gentlemen with  acquired tastes, whilst we loved the chocolate; the chili wasn’t quite for us. We also tried their classic cocktails we can definitely recommend the Charleston Crumble and The Alchemist both were up there with some of the best cocktails we have tried.

What Barts does have, which is arguably just as good as great cocktails, if not more important, is a wonderful ambiance and great décor. Inside the room feels rather like a snug, with dark painted walls, glowing lights, eclectic adorning on the wall, think old train storage style racks, lots of old signs, stag heads and then menus hidden within old books, and of course the hatch on the front door, to check  who is coming in, this is a speak easy after all! Last night Fifi Green was singing everything from Aretha Franklin to Journey to the packed audience, the staff were friendly and the mood relaxed and informal.  So this year don’t get all worked about the 14th forget its Valentine’s Day and head over to Barts instead for great cocktails and good old fun!

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