Bayou’s Blues Brunch

This weekend saw creole bar and restaurant, Bayou, launch its new Blues Brunch; it’s live music and a whole lot of soul food, which was just what we needed when the heavens decided to open and the whole of London was absolutely drenched.

Just off Camden High Street, Bayou sits on Iverness Street, hidden behind the market stalls. It’s a strange little place, it’s quite basic, plain wooden tables and chairs and a bar running down one side, but nothing that stood out – apart from the loo walls which were painted with leaves and branches, there were also swamp noises playing out which I suppose were meant to make you feel as if you were in the depths Southern America, but were a little disconcerting.

What they did have were really cool mugs for their coffee, they were looked like crumpled white tin cans, I also rather liked their enamel plates and bowls. Their brunch menu was good too and different from the usual, no Eggs Benedict or avocado, instead it’s full of dishes such as The Full Bayou – to you and me that’s egg, bacon and homemade American susage, Creole potatoes and sautéed mushrooms with toast, Po’ Boys and Gumbo.

We went for the chicken and waffles, fried and battered goodness in one topped with sticky maple syrup. The chicken had a crunchy, crisp skin and the waffles were light and sweet although could definitely do with a bit more syrup – but we both agreed they were excellent value for money.

I went for the Blue Bayou which is corned beef hash with grit cakes,  gravy and a fried egg- although it didn’t come with grit cakes, it came with a single cake (they have a polenta –esque texture) and I did think they needed more than one. The beef hash was spiced perfectly and with the gravy was really the sort of comforting food that was needed. Although I was rather envious of the burgers that were being brought out.

The only way to finish it was with pumpkin pie, I think London needs to have more pumpkin pie, it’s like an autumnal duvet day in each mouthful – and we all need those. The other thing about the brunch is they now have live music – although when we got there the music wasn’t starting until after 1pm and so we missed it, so if you are looking to hear the music then get there a bit later than the usual brunch time.

So if you find yourself in Camden and you want something a bit different to the full English – go to the Bayou they’ve got the Louisanna Fill Me Up and it’s bound to do just that.


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