Blades At Hush Review – What We Thought

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Rory Hinton by | Posted on 13th May 2016
Blades At Hush Review – What We Thought

New? Hush isn’t new, having opened in 2000, but the Blades dining area only opened last month. 

Where?  Lancashire Court, 8 Brook St, London W1S 1EY

On the menu: Blades is primarily all about steak, lobster and whiskey. A choice of three different cuts of meat are available, each available in two different breeds, Angus or USDA, and each with the option of being served alongside a half lobster.

Blades 3

The Look: Walking into Blades it’s hard not to be impressed. The whole rooms is a dazzling white, with the table clothes, chairs, walls and even lamp shades various shades of cream/white. The dim lighting prevents things from being too bright and a striking black tree on a curved wall, really draws the eye and cuts through the crisp white.

What We Ate: Given that Blades prides itself on three things; steak, lobster and whiskey, I felt it only fair that I incorporated as much whiskey as possible. You know, just to be fair. As a result of this my starter was Whiskey-Cured Salmon on sourdough. Whiskey and salmon wasn’t one I’d tried before but the combination worked well, although the whiskey was often overshadowed by the lemon and could perhaps have been a little stronger. Never the less, the salmon was delicious and the sourdough was prepared beautifully.

After this came a USDA sirloin steak and half lobster with a side of hand-cut chips. The steak was cooked to absolute perfection and simply melted away under the knife, while the lobster was well seasoned with a delicate balance of flavours. The chips were crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, the perfect combination. Alongside this I opted for the Blades Own Blend Whiskey Glaze (yup, more whiskey), which added a wonderful sweet-but-smoky flavour to the dish.

Our meal was rounded off with sticky toffee pudding. The sponge was soft and light while the sauce was thick and sweetened to perfection, all round a lovely end to a fantastic meal.


What We Drank: Our meal was accompanied by a 2012 Côtes du Rhône which was recommended for us, and was a welcome addition to our steak-based mains. The highlight of our drinking experience, however, was the Blades own-blend scotch. Highly recommended for any of our whiskey-fans, the drink was smoky and smooth with a subtle sweetness to it, and was the perfect way to round off our meal.

Blades 2

Go With: The venue may be a little too small to go with a large group, but it is perfect for an intimate dinner for just about any occasion. Personally, I would recommend it as a great date venue.

Final Word: Blades does just what it says on the tin, and does it damn well. Steak, lobster and whiskey each done wonderfully and served by friendly and helpful staff. While the décor is very impressive, the food is honest and simple and done exactly the way it should be.


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