The Handbook
The Handbook

Not just one for trying the latest restaurants, The Handbook headed to one of Belgravia’s classic establishments – Boisdale of Belgravia for a little bit of jazz and a lot of food.

With a bright red exterior, inside Boisdales is a mix of a gentlemen’s’ club mixed with a Highland estate library – it was all dark colours,  patterned rugs, stags and tartan; and the tables were filled with business men, a sprinkling of tourists here and there and even a vicar who seemed to be rather enjoying himself.

Throughout the night there was the infamous live jazz, which wasn’t too imposing but provided a good soundtrack to the restaurant – it also meant that were you on a date you at least had something to talk about if you realised that the conversation was going nowhere…

The Scottish menu focuses heavily on oysters, caviar, salmon and steaks alongside a couple of other dishes such as burgers and Dover sole.

We started with hazelnut ravioli which had a light, nutty flavour and beautiful, classic smoked salmon, served simply with lemon.

We followed this with the rib steak truffle burger which came with roast field mushroom, truffle mayonnaise, gruyère de comté and thick cut chips. The meat was beautifully cooked, and the truffle added flavour without being too overpowering. But the flimsy bread bun let it down, it ended up being rather soggy from the mushroom and subsequently disintegrated in our hands – for its price we expected something with a little more substance.

But it was the Tournedo fillet that really stood out. It was so wonderfully tender that you could cut through it like butter, – we had heard that the steaks were good but this really was exceptional. 

We finished with a rich, smooth chocolate torte – which we definitely recommend and a light creamy panna cotta.

Boisdale of Belgravia may not be contemporary and cutting edge, it may be traditional but it is a classic, it knows what works well and has run with it.