Boondocks Review: What We Thought

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Charlotte Knight by | Posted on 30th January 2017
Boondocks Review: What We Thought

What: Boondocks is the little sister of Stax Diner (read our review here) but with a much bigger kitchen and floor space.

New? Boondocks is relatively new, opening in August 2016 after the success of Stax Diner in Kingly Court.

Where? 205 City Road, Shoreditch, EC1V 1JT

On the menu: Fans of Stax Diner can expect a similar menu here inspired by a real taste of the Deep South with dishes like sloppy Joe’s, chicken fried steak, fried onion blossom, and s’mores plus a substantial list of new Southern dishes.
First Impressions: You definitely know you’re in an American restaurant upon entering with splashes of red, a huge neon light in the window and banjos hanging from the wall. It reminds me of a diner with seating running along the wall and tables facing in, the staff was friendly and we got right down to ordering.

The Look: The décor of Boondocks aims to transport you to an old country shack while still being made to feel at home; this has been created with bare wooden flooring, twinkling fairy lights wrapped around exposed pipes and newspaper/wallpaper. There are also ad-hoc decorations on the wall including guns and a typewriter.

What We Ate: I went to an American diner and did the unthinkable, I ordered a salad. For shame I hear you cry! With ingredients of roast butternut squash salad, mixed greens, candied pecans, pomegranate, buttermilk ranch dressing and tortilla strips I didn’t feel that healthy but it was nice to have a splash of greenery. The Buffalo wings had a nice punchy flavour with a welcome, soothing blue cheese sauce while the mac’n’cheese needed a stronger cheese flavour to be more memorable. The onion blossom was a creation of wonder, essentially onion rings but more creatively presented, with a batter more akin to fried chicken batter than typical onion rings – very moreish. For dessert the strawberry funnel cake, a state fair wonder in the USA, had the great flavour of a doughnut while being thin enough to have crisped up during the frying process which suited my taste perfectly; topped with whipped cream and strawberries in light syrup I left very full and happy.
What We Drank: We reached our recommended calorie intake for the day about five bites into the meal so decided to swerve the milkshakes even with tempting flavours like key lime pie and cherry pie. The cocktails here are strong, namely the mojito but this could have just been our generous bartender; if you aren’t willing to risk they also have a list of mocktails and of course, soda pop.

Go With: This is a good one for groups where you can order a host of sides and all get tucked in, most of which can be made into (or are already) sharing size.

Final Word: It’s easy going here with generous portions and the music was on point playing old school R’n’B hits. If you fancy doing your cheat meal in style there’s none better than letting the Americans lead the way and Boondocks is the epitome of indulgent dining.

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