New? Albion opened its doors in Shoreditch in 2009 and has since opened in three more locations. Albion Clerkenwell is the largest of the restaurants with an even bigger menu.

Where? 63 Clerkenwell Road, Clerkenwell, EC1M 5NP

On the Menu: This menu is quintessentially British, especially the breakfast menu: beans on toast, hollandaise, porridge, baps, Marmite – you name it. Divided up into sections of how each dish is prepared, choose from hot, on toast, baps, eggs, and my favourite, interlopers, which included avocado and poached eggs on toast or the hangover recovery sandwich. There is also an option to order from The Bakery, an in-house bakery that you can find in all Albion restaurants; croissants, scrolls, toast, Danish pastries and rolls, you’ll be spoilt for choice. 


First Impressions: Sunday mornings in London are quiet which would explain why there were very few people dining with me despite it being 10.30am. This was perfect for me though because I was immediately seated and frequently tended to by the staff. Having coincidentally walked past Albion the day before, however, it is definitely buzzing come lunchtime.

The Look: Whilst Albion is already a large restaurant, it is completely surrounded by large floor-to-ceiling windows that brighten up the space, making it look even bigger. The decor is all the same colour with hardwood floors, tables, and chairs with accented red cushions that match the colour of the sign outside that pans across the windows. The light-coloured wood makes the space brighter as well, making it come alive when it’s sunny outside.


What We Ate: I ordered a ham and cheese croissant as a starter along with back bacon and scrambled eggs on white toast for my main course. The ham and cheese croissant was surprisingly the same size as my bacon and eggs so it is something to note if you are used to starting with a small dish and then ordering a main course. The scrambled eggs were on the runny side but still tasted good – even better when coupled with a bite of bacon and toast. This is definitely a place to get a full meal though as I could barely finish half of both plates.


What We Drank: I enjoyed a simple glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. Pulp-free despite being freshly squeezed it was one of the best glasses I’ve ever had!

Go With: For breakfast, Albion is a great spot for the family. Not only is it incredibly spacious for prams or lots of kids, there is something for everyone to enjoy and the menu is very flexible.

Final Word: Albion is a great choice to get a taste of traditionally British foods without breaking the bank as well as hearty portions to set you up for the day.

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