The Handbook
The Handbook

The first thing I noticed upon entering BRGR.CO is how it’s so unlike any other burger restaurant I’ve been in. Avoiding the rustic furnishing and dim lighting and instead opting for a sophisticated décor consisting of dark colours and exposed brick it’s easy to forget you’ve just walked into a burger restaurant. The narrow-but-high space has a feeling of elegance to it, with a mirror at the end of the room adding a feeling of openness.

As we took our seats and quickly tucked into a Meantime beer courtesy of the attentive staff, we looked over the menu to see what was on offer.


The menu doesn’t waver much from the classics; beef burger, cheese burger, chilli burger and versions of the above with bacon. Where the menu does get interesting, however, is in the choice of beef with which your burger is made. As well as the usual burger patty (on the menu as ‘blade steak’), you can upgrade your burger to hangar steak or, my personal favourite, rump steak. The upgraded patty was moist and full of flavour with just enough seasoning to cut through and compliment the relish and garnish. The sweet potato fries on the side were just crispy enough to have a crunch however were slightly softer than expected. This didn’t affect the flavour, however, which was strong and delicious… and that’s all that truly counts!


Following our burgers and a few more beers came a warm chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream. Always a taste-bud-pleaser, the soft, warm, melt-in-the-mouth brownie and ice cream rounded the meal off a treat.

BRGR.CO is a fantastic way to ensure you’re going to get consistently good food, with a fair amount of customisation available, in a setting which will quickly make you forget you’re in a burger restaurant and instead make you feel as comfortable as you might in any high-end London restaurant.