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Busaba Review

What: Brunch favourites with a Thai twist
Where: Shoreditch (although you can find Busabas all over London)
Why you should go there: Thai vibes in the modern venue with reasonably priced food
Favourite thing we had: Thai Hash (spiced potato hash with spring onion, galangal and red chilli; served with two Thai-style fried eggs).

The Shoreditch venue is a stone’s throw from the station making it easy as pie to get to if you aren’t a local in the East London town. On arrival I noticed that the walkway from the entrance to reception was made of glass, giving the impression that it’s made of water. I had to tentatively prod the floor with my foot to make sure it was solid before moving on, the last thing I need is to walk straight into a restaurant’s water feature – this isn’t a Mr Bean sketch after all.
SA217-001-141106The brunch consists of foods you might find typically in England but with a Thai twist on it, essentially with chilli added to it; not even the fruit escaped a smattering of the spicy extra. The savoury dishes were the best, like the Thai Hash as the mix of grease and yolk are sure to soothe that hangover or prep you for the day if you’ve just missed lunch. If you are after a real hangover cure then look to Khai Luak; a soft-boiled egg with soy and Thai spices. Just stir and shot it down. If you aren’t feeling that brave Busaba does a great selection of juices like the Guava Collins with guava, lime, coconut and lime leaf – add some white rum to it and it might be new favourite beachside cocktail.
Brunch_pandanpancakes_yampolamai - BUSABAOver on the sweet side there are options like Fruit Salad (complete with yoghurt and chilli) or Pandan Pancakes infused with pandan and coconut milk, topped with palm sugar caramel and yam polamai fruit salad (plus chilli). The pancakes had the potential to be really nice except for I could crack one of mine in half like a biscuit. The sauce however was amazing (and chilli free) akin to a light caramel sauce, so I cut out the soft bits of my pancake and drizzled the sauce over for a winning combination.

This was a shame as the pancakes could have been my favourite dish if they’d been given a little more love and a little less chilli – seriously, why so much? There are venues all over London so wherever you are, you are sure to be near one and if you aren’t afraid of a little spice then I would definitely recommend.