by CHLOE Expands to Tower Bridge

What: by CHLOE is the super successful US-based, plant-based, fast-casual restaurant that took London by storm when it landed here at the end of last year.

New? Their Tower Bridge venue opened last month, following the massive popularity of the original UK venue in Covent Garden.

First Impression: It’s a little tricky to find, Google Maps had a right old time trying to find it and I doubled my 6-minute journey from London Bridge trying to hunt it down. When I finally slipped down the side road and found it, I was surprised at how empty it was. I went to by CHLOE in Covent Garden shortly after it opened and people were queuing to get seats, in comparison there was only one couple in there when we arrived.

On The Menu: If by CHLOE’s reputation hasn’t preceded it, the menu is 100% vegan favouring big salads, brunch dishes like quinoa hash browns, and wholesome burgers and sandwiches plus a few quirkier dishes like tofu fish and chips. They also make their own sweets made by Sweets by CHLOE and dairy-free push pops from Chill by CHLOE which is perfect in this weather.
The Look: The restaurant has all the functional features of a fast food place with the menu above the counter and easy ordering system and yet has a cosy feel like a café. Seating options are fairly limited downstairs with more seating upstairs.

What We Ate: They were out of the pesto meatball sandwich so I went for the classic burger, intrigued by the “tempeh-lentil-chia-walnut patty”. I’m not much of a burger fan on the best of days but this one had a light bun and enough salad and sauce so that it wasn’t dry; the sweet potato fries were perfect too, nice and crispy. I really rate the mac’n’cheese here as they opt for a creamy sweet potato/cashew sauce rather than a faux cheese flavour. My friend and I didn’t agree on the kale artichoke dip with almond parmesan and tortilla chips – she loathed it and I quite liked it.

Their sticky toffee pudding is a special addition to the London branches and I boy am I pleased. It was really moist and came with chilled, sweet coconut cream.
What We Drank: by CHLOE makes their own cold-pressed juice so I tried a Junkie which is a delicious mix of kale, spinach, wheatgrass, cucumber, parsley and lemon; I struggled a bit with the powdery after taste of the wheatgrass though. Alongside their juice they also sell the ever-popular kombucha and hot and cold beverages like peppermint tea and iced matcha latte.

Go With: It’s super casual here so stop by with some friends for a relaxed dinner or grab a quick lunch from their convenient take-away section before heading back to the office.

Where: One Tower Bridge, 6 Duchess Walk, SE1 2SD

Final Word: The UK is in desperate need of restaurants like by CHLOE and its popularity hasn’t surprised me, the new location, however, has. If things don’t go to plan for this restaurant I would no doubt put it down to the location rather than any fault inside the kitchen.

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