The Handbook
The Handbook

The first thing I notice about Casa Di Fiori as I walk through the doors is just how pretty it is inside. The interior is decorated light blue and white with ornaments border-lining on tacky but that can be over-looked because of how sweet and atmospheric the restaurant is.

After soaking in the atmosphere we settled down and ordered our starters. I opted for the Cauliflower Cream with a balsamic vinegar reduction, which although consisting mainly of a vegetable I hardly doubt it counts as one of my five of day as it was so creamy and delicious, it can’t be good for me. The vinegar cut through the thick creaminess of the dish which may have been welcomed by some who can’t handle their dairy as well as I. The Ricotta and Spinach Rolls were stunning, cylinders of fresh Ricotta wrapped in sheets of pasta with a spinach cream and Ricotta foam, definitely recommended.

For mains we chose the Risotto with Asparagus which was creamy and well cooked; no complaints there. The star of the night was the Trilogy of Lamb with Celeriac Puree, which consisted of a rack of lamb, slow cooked loin of lamb and a braised cylinder of lamb. Each dish was melt in your mouth delicious and fell apart easily under the weight of my fork. A side of roasted new potatoes with rosemary complimented it perfectly.

The Home Made Mini Pastry Selection looked sweet presented on the plate but lacked on the flavour and in the case of the bignet, the freshness. The fruit tart was nice enough but the pastry tasted very plain and the cream in the cannolo lacked sweetness. The foresta nera, two little squares of chocolate mousse with cranberries on top, were the best out of the selection. The Three Type of Chocolate dessert fared better with a selection of chocolate soufflé, cremoso chocolate with raspberry puree and white chocolate with black pepper. The white chocolate was a mousse cased in white chocolate which lacked the black pepper but was a pleasant dish, great for a white chocolate lover like myself.

Although the puddings may have lacked a general sweetness throughout the dishes a liqueur called Mozart, certainly did not. A great liqueur to end the night, for those who enjoy Baileys especially, this is the chocolate version.