What? A feast for the senses with hot spices and aromas; it’s modern Indian cuisine with a British influence.

New? Cinnamon Kitchen has been thriving since 2008 after the success of Cinnamon Club restaurant took London by storm and redefined modern Indian cooking in the city. Their latest opening is Cinnamon Kitchen Battersea.

Where? You will find the new restaurant snuggled under the arches by the bank of the river Thames on the site of the old Battersea Power Station. Cinnamon Kitchen Battersea, 4 Arches Lane, SW11 8AB www.cinnamon-kitchen.com

The Look: Having assumed the space under the arches the restaurant boasts huge ceilings and glowing ambient light, with a cast iron staircase looking rustic and industrial in the centre of the room. The walls of the arches are left bare keeping the atmosphere cosy rather than clinical.

On the Menu: There was almost too many delicious choices to choose from, especially when I asked peoples advice and nearly everyone had their own favourite. This was by no means a negative, it just meant that I had to accept I would be rolling out of the restaurant rather than walking. There are appetisers, grills, sides, and naans, all before you even get to the mains. And after that if you’re still going, dessert.

What We Ate: We started with the Bombay street food; a selection of vada pao, tapioca cake, and chilli paneer. The pink aubergine with sesame tamarind and peanut crumble was awesome, you won’t have experienced aubergine like this before, so sweet and succulent.

For main we had the king prawn in Bengali turmeric curry and the Tandoori chicken. Both were great but the prawns one the prize. A favourite with everyone we were told and I could see why. The curry was creamy yet full of flavour and the prawns tender and perfectly cooked.

By dessert I was feeling quite porky but as I claim it is my favourite course I can never say no…and I’m glad I didn’t. The sticky toffee ginger pudding with garam masala ice cream was sensational. The spices infused so delicately but so effectively. A signature english pudding was given a cultural makeover and I thoroughly approved. The selection of ice creams was also a major hit.

What We Drank: Well, I was feeling rather adventurous and couldn’t decide, so endeavoured to take the waiteress’ advice. Soon came two mugs one spelling so pungently of alcohol my nose wrinkled before they had even left the bar, the other was filled with a pineapple and concoction. I was instructed to sip the paint stripper, I mean mezcal first, than swig on the pineapple. I looked sceptical at this but of course trusted my host implicitly…I took a sip of the mezcal, my throat burned and I quickly followed it with the pineapple. The sweetness of the fruit lifted the bite of the straight alcohol before the spices seemed to ignite a fire in my mouth. This sounds very dramatic, and believe me it was. The taste was exceptional, unlike anything I’d tried before. It was an incredible experience, but it is not a pleasurable drink. You can not undertake it lightly or feel relaxed or look elegant while you do it. There is too much swigging and pulling of faces for that I’m afraid. Nevertheless I would highly recommend. The mango sour would be a tamer choice, less of a blow you mind job but a total delight.

Go with: Friends or lovers, is my suggestion. The vibe is fun and it’s a perfect opportunity to experiment, and to share a really enjoyable meal. Take a food lover, because they’d really appreciate this treat.

Final Word: Loved it. Would definitely go again, the staff were knowledgable, charming and happy to offer their recommendations, The environment is fun and the food is sensational, it’s a winner!

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Cinnamon Kitchen Battersea:
4 Arches Lane,SW11 8AB www.cinnamon-kitchen.com

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