Who would’ve thought it? It turns out that King’s Cross is full of decent places to eat these days! No longer do you have to suffer a miserable McDonalds or bland Pizza Express if you’re looking to fill your belly before jumping on the train home. The game has changed in recent months as more and more exciting eateries are opening by the day in the new developments that are sprouting up around the station that serves the north of England and Hogwarts.

Set between St. Pancras International and Central St. Martins, Drake & Morgan is the newest addition. Fun fact: the restaurant takes its name from two of the nation’s most beloved explorers – Sir Francis Drake and Captain Henry Morgan. With a warm outdoor seating area fully equipped with snuggly blankets to keep Londoners cosy on these cold winter nights, as well as a brilliant menu featuring small plates, grills, larger dishes and an extensive cocktail list, this fine establishment has something for everyone.


Stepping inside, we were met with highly chic, modern design. Iron railings, low, soft light installations and large, floor-to-ceiling windows helped to create an inviting atmosphere. The kitchen is open plan and runs the length of the restaurant so, every few seconds, we heard an eager ‘Yes, Chef’ as yet another food order arrived, lending the place a unique buzz that really added to our so far very good impression.

We opted for a round of Stateside Sour cocktails before our food. These scrumptious concoctions consist of Ameretto, bulleit rye, egg whites, lemon and maple syrup. As well as being a particularly good palette cleanser, these bad boys were also a good tongue loosener given the good, liberal measures of spirits involved.

Then along came the starters. We had chicken satay – tenderly cooked strips of white meat slathered in a velvety peanut sauce – and ham croquettes – puffs of meat encased in a cube of bread crumbs – as well as a side of sourdough with English butter. The latter was a particular treat as the rich, heavily salted butter gave the sourdough an almost cakey, highly moreish taste – a real guilty pleasure!


These incredible appetisers left us practically salivating at the thought of our main course – pan fried salmon with a side of Roman fries. Served on a bed of creamy spinach, the salmon was cooked perfectly, breaking away delicately with just the gentlest brush of a fork. Initially slightly confused as to what exactly made them ‘Roman’, the fries turned out to be an excellent, carby companion to the salmon. Sprinkled with parmesan, truffle and rosemary these slender, crispy chips, like the earlier sourdough, had a salty yet succulent taste that meant we gobbled them up pretty quickly (just thinking about them now has left our mouths watering)…


We finished off this superb meal with some sorbet and a whiskey. The raspberry, coconut and lemon flavours of our frozen dessert complimented each other very nicely while the fire water left us feeling suitably merry following the cocktails and the bottle of Malbec that was served with dinner.

The icing on the cake of this perfect visit to Drake & Morgan was the brilliant service offered by our waitress. Friendly, funny and unafraid to crack a joke at our expense, she offered advice as to what to order and really took the time to get to know and spoil us over the course of the evening. If you’re looking for a restaurant that offers the full, unfettered package – an exciting, inviting atmosphere, quality, hearty food and faultless service – get yourself down to Drake & Morgan.

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