Edge Cycle Review – what we thought

By Charlotte Knight |
9th February 2016

The classics are good but sometimes they need a little revamp, to move with the times and keep us interested. Edge Cycle is a spinning studio near Chancery Lane that has taken the classic cycling class and incorporated it with various extra activities for a more varied spinning experience.

For their latest combination the spinning whizzes have integrated the popular fitness movements of yoga with spinning so we headed down to check it out. The class lasts a total of 1 hour and is split between half an hour of spinning, followed by half an hour of yoga where you are offered the chance to wind down, although some of the leg poses don’t offer much respite. The spinning side of the class is slightly more intense than usual as you only have a limited amount of time to get it in but afterwards you have the yin and yang effect with some traditional yoga asanas that help to improve all-round well-being.

Other mix ups include their Edge Fit Club (spinning & martial arts), Edge Latin Craze (spinning & Latin dance) and my personal favourite Cycle Bootcamp (spinning & Bootcamp floor exercises) that we covered last year. I love that Edge Cycle are so innovative and offer diverse classes that are tempting to people that want the benefits of spinning (of which there are many) without necessarily being stuck on a bike the whole time.

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