Fish Market Restaurant: Review

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Emily Gray by | Posted on 11th December 2013
Fish Market Restaurant: Review

In amongst the high rise buildings of Liverpool Street and Bishopsgate, and the crowds on the streets is Fish Market restaurant; a little slice of nostalgic seaside fun.

From the twinkling tea lights and lanterns, to the minimal, wooden panels and blue and white stripe awning, it stands out from the other buildings in the area, like well, a lighthouse and that’s why we love it.

We were there to sample the Winter Terrace Fun Fair menu but we first dug into half a dozen prawns with garlic butter and a mountain of salt and pepper squid, which was just the right side of spicy but just wrong the side of crispy; a little chewy- the coating just needed a bit longer to crisp up for that satisfying crunch.

Moving on to mains we opted for the Fish Market Funfair tray – a plate (literally about the size of my forearm, not that we were complaining) covered in retro food. The winner had to be the Three seas cod bun – a glorified fish finger butty. But they can glorify a way because it was absolutely delicious, a buttery piece of cod with chives and melting cheese, it was the sort of thing you didn’t want to finish, you just wanted it to keep reappearing it was that good.  The tray also had corn on the cob in tin foil and curly fries in a bucket adding to its charm.

Spying popcorn shrimp on the menu we had to order that too, great to share between two as a side- well a substantial side, as the portion size was erring on large. Light, and devilishly moreish we worked our way through them, all washed down with a coke float – taking me straight back to childhood parties!

For pudding it had to be the sticky toffee pudding and oh I could go on about how good it was forever.  It was just how sticky toffee pudding should be, rich, dense and sweet. Apparently it is simply chocolate cake covered in toffee sauce, it certainly didn’t taste like any chocolate cake I had eaten and had I not been told I would have never have known.  I would go back for that pudding alone.

So take it from The Handbook, put a little bit of British seaside into you dreary, dark London day and visit the Fish Market Restaurant. 

Value for Money: 8/10

Service: 9/10

Food: 8/10

Atmosphere: 8/10

Overall: 8/10

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