Halva Bakery Review – What We Thought

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Emily Gray by | Posted on 28th October 2015
Halva Bakery Review – What We Thought

As much as we love our raw juices and porridge for breakfast, when the weather is cold, it’s Friday and you have a day off from the office, we yearn for something a little more indulgent. And finding myself in just this situation I dropped into the Halva Bakery on Fulham Road for breakfast.

We told you about it back in May when it first opened, but here’s a recap, owned by the professionally trained baker Lila Sarhang Zadeh, Halva means ‘something sweet’ because alongside their fresh breads and croissants they serve up tarts, cakes, pastries and macarons. 



The bakery itself is minimalistic inside with stone walls, mixed withoff-whites and wooden chairs. We ordered a couple of chai lattes and sat down with a pear cream and pumpkin tart and a peanut butter and jam tart, as I said we were yearning for indulgence. Everything is made in house in small batches, even the jam, which means that they were super fresh and didn’t have that hideously over sweet, synthetic taste as no preservatives or stabilizers are used. The pear cream worked well with the subtle flavour of the pumpkin, but it was the peanut butter and jam tart that stole our hearts.  We want to eat them in bed on a Sunday morning or if you’re hosting afternoon tea or a dinner party then cheat and buy them for pudding.


By the time we had finished our tarts, they were bringing out the savoury products for brunch and lunch and we couldn’t help but try one of the rolls that were stuffed with goat’s cheese and sundried tomato. The roll was quite dense and a little more cheese wouldn’t have gone amiss, but they too were very good.


Lila told us that the bakery had a community feel to it and that it was very popular with local parents and she was right, as we ate, a steady stream of mums and au pairs came in with their children; either to treat them to macarons and cupcakes or to take home fresh loaves of bread for lunch later. Which is just what we did, we couldn’t not take a baguette and rye bread loaf home.  The baguettes are made the traditional French way, they say once you’ve tried them you’ll never go back to shop bought baguettes. With friends coming over for breakfast this weekend, I’ve already planned to head to Halva early to pick up a couple of loaves, which is testament to how much we enjoyed it.

If you’re in the area and looking to satisfy your carb/sweet tooth cravings then Halva is definitely worth a visit.  


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