Homeslice: 20″ Pizza

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Emily Gray by | Posted on 31st August 2015
Homeslice: 20″ Pizza

What: Impressive pizza in Neal’s Yard
Where: Neal’s Yard Covent Garden
Why You Should Go There: If you want a pizza eating challenge 
Favourite Thing We Ate: Anchovy, caramelised onion and olive pizza 

Back in 2013, three men with a love of pizza, opened Homeslice in Neal’s Yard with the aim to feed hungry Londoners wood-fired pizza like no other.  Now in 2015 they are about to open their second venue in Fitzrovia and with a two-hour wait when we got there (and yes people were prepared to wait that long) it’s a sign that they are serving up darn good pizza.

The signature pizzas are 20” (but you can buy slices to takeaway too), you’d think it’d be hard to eat that much… it wasn’t worryingly. The bases are thin and the dough is aged for 36 hours before being cooked for just 90 seconds in a custom-built wood-fired oven, giving it a beautiful smoky flavour.  Toppings aren’t your usual Hawaiian, peperoni and margarita (although they do have a margarita), instead you’ll find the likes of goat shoulder, kale and sumac yoghurt, bone marrow, Brussel sprouts and pickled onions  and courgette and artichoke.  


The restaurant itself is kept simple and reminded us somewhat of school canteen mixed with a village hall (but without the odd smell that pervades them) with plain wooden communal tables and smaller individual tables.  It doesn’t need to be smart or fancy because the pizza does the talking here and it doesn’t need any extra frills.

We went for a half and half pizza, one side was a fragrant caprese topped with plenty of fresh mozzarella and basil leaves; whilst the other side was a smorgasbord of olives, anchovies and caramelised onion. It was salty, sweet and topped a garlic base, it was delicious but a little soggy – you’re going to need a lot of tissues to wipe away the spills.


Local beer joins wine served by the magnum and Frizzante prosecco, which is on tap and is slightly lethal.  20” of pizza and a good few glasses of prosecco down, we left, full, happy and knowing that we had just eaten at one of the best pizzas this city has to offer.

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