House of Elemis – what we thought

By Charlotte Knight |
17th June 2015

What: Body care brand’s mothership
Where: 2 Lancashire Court, Mayfair W1S 1EX
Why you should go there: To be pampered inside and out
Favourite thing we did: Nearly fell asleep on the heated massage bed

Summer is here, clothes are coming off, time to get prepped. For any Elemis fans, you are about to be dropped in heaven as Elemis has just opened a venue in Mayfair where they not only sell their products but perform treatments. The venue is brand spanking new and oozes relaxation from the moment you pop your toe in the door.
BW5R6556 3The main entrance leads to the shop filled with all the latest Elemis products, if you are there for a treatment you are seated next door to fill in a questionnaire asking various things about your life that may not seem relevant but the experts know what they’re looking for so fill in honestly for best results. As the venue is brand new, it is sparklingly clean and everything is state of the art. Led to my treatment room I was presented with my new love – the heated massage bed. It looks simple enough but it is heaven, thick and cushioned it feels like an actual mattress except this bad boy heats up and lifts you to a seated position after your massage if you’re too relaxed to get up – or just because it’s fun. After manoeuvring the various layers of towels and sheet, I slithered between them and awaited my treatment, with a holiday upcoming the obvious choice was the Targeted Toning Tightening treatment, I can do with all the help I can get there.
BW5R6800 ApprovedMy lovely therapist (Aisha) explained to me what I could expect in the next hour and how it would benefit me, I nodded along but pretty quickly forgot everything as this is not my area of expertise, she looked like a trustworthy sort so I left myself in her hands. The treatment, in short, consists of being rubbed with warm oil, thwacked enthusiastically (to stimulate the flesh I would guess) and then being slathered in this unusual paste that turns into a rubbery mask when cooled. Said paste is filled with caffeine, algae, and other stimulating ingredients and tingles the skin giving a cooling feel which left me freezing, although when the mask was peeled off my skin was warm to the touch. I’d liken it to mouthwash when the temperature isn’t affected but it still leaves your mouth feeling refreshed and chilled. To deal with my shivering the temperature on the bed was turned up but it still didn’t help me although when I was released from my cooling cocoon I noticed my back was scorching hot.

In between the slapping and the cooling I was introduced to a colon massage, not as daunting (or invasive) as it sounds, it consists of concentrating on taking breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. On these out breaths the therapist puts slight pressure on certain places on your tummy, the aim is to clear any blockages and alleviate any bloating that may be occurring. Afterwards you get feedback which feels a bit like passing a medical. I had a quick inspection in the mirror afterwards and although I didn’t see anything drastic, I did notice slightly smoother skin on my legs. I was advised that two treatments a week for six weeks prior to an event (i.e. wedding/beach reveal) will get you maximum results.
BW5R6603 1 ApprovedOnce you are dressed you get to go downstairs and enjoy a specially created juice from celebrity nutritionist, Amelia Freer, to accompany your treatment. After massages you are supposed to drink plenty of fluids anyway so this is a good boost to get you going before you head on your way. My juice consisted of spinach, cucumber, pear and basil – very green, very refreshing and very healthy. It’s a fabulous way to end the experience as it you feel nourished and pampered inside and out. I was advised not to shower after as the various creams I had been slathered in continue to work for 2 hours after application so the treatment keeps working for you even after you have left. Clients are also sent a ‘prescription’ which has taken into account what you filled in on your questionnaire as offers advice on which products may help your various ailments.

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