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It’s All True, Patty & Bun: Review

Patty & Bun: believe the hype, believe it when your friend says ‘it is the best burger they’ve ever had’, believe it the press when it said they had thousands of people queuing to get their hands on a burger at the launch of their new site on Liverpool Street – because it’s all true.

The new site offers both the chance to sit in and takeaway and sits daringly opposite one of the busiest Mcdonalds in the UK. The concept is simple, a more stripped back menu then their James Street sister but still serving up the classics including the Ari Gold cheese burger. We dropped in late on a Thursday evening, post drinks, to fuel up on some much needed burgers.

Outside men in suits stood devouring burgers and the same was to be said for inside aswell, with so many offices situated here,  you can see why at  it is so popular at lunch and post work drinks.  Inside it is simple with wooden benches and chairs, a couple of high tables and a couple of longer tables, there is quite a fast turn over though, it’s not the sort of place you spend ages in putting the world to rights, primarily because the burgers are just so darn good, you can’t even think about talking to anyone you just want to eat.

We opted for the Portobello ‘Dig it’ Mushroom Burger – declared by my vegetarian companion as the best she had had, probably because of the cheese sauce and tarragon mayonnaise, the manager also told us that even though he was an avid beef eater he still got through at least one of the ‘Dig it’ burgers a week.

I went for the Smokey Robinson, a juicy beef patty, with mounds of caramelised onions, cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato and smokey P&B mayonnaise, it was the sort of burger that just oozed and dripped everywhere and yet the brioche bun still remained intact. It was that good we didn’t want it to end.

We added rosemary salted chips (salty and crisp but not all greasy) and the brisket tots (the special of the day and we could see why, the flavour was wonderful) to our order and declared ourselves very full but very happy. I felt rather sorry for the people over the road in Mcdonalds – they don’t know what they’re missing out on.