It’s not all lads, lads, lads at Cafe Football

By Charlotte Knight |
8th January 2015

Footballers Ryan Giggs and Gary Neville have left stereotypes of dingy old man pub where men are typically seen watching sports and transformed it into an upmarket sports bar in Westfields Stratford. A burger and pizza restaurant mainly, Café Football has dedicated one side of the venue to a bar which serves, amongst other things, delicious cocktails. While it may not be girl friendly, looking around we are quite obviously in the minority, it is by no means an intimidating space to enter.

The theme of football runs strongly throughout the venue and obvious care has gone into every aspect from the hexagonal tiled floor mirroring the hexagons on footballs to the green staff uniforms, a display of football boots even greets customers at the entrance. Several flat screen TVs are scattered around, providing a clear view no matter where you are sitting so no arguing about the best seats.

The food is a basic premise with burgers and pizzas as the main choices, there are a few other blokey options under the Terrace section like steak, CF sausage roll and Nev’s noodle pot. If you want to stick with a burger though The Beast is the one to opt for, deep fried macaroni cheese sandwiched between two beef burgers, topped with pulled pork and jalapenos. Vegetarian options are slim, for example the beans on toast starter (the only seemingly veggie option) is cooked in a beef broth.

Keeping up with the football theme, the desserts offer kitsch creations like The Turf, a slice of chocolate, caramel and praline layered between wafers and decorated to look like a piece of turf. It is served with a biscuit crumble for the soil, very sweet but nothing astounding.

With a great location a short walk from Stratford station and in the centre of a busy shopping destination, Café Football will surely be a great hit with fans of football and hungry diners alike. Ryan Giggs and Gary Neville have gone in a clever direction creating something for a niche market which is enjoyable for a wider audience, even if you don’t enjoy football this is one to visit.

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