Joe’s Southern Kitchen Review

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Charlotte Knight by | Posted on 27th April 2015
Joe’s Southern Kitchen Review

Joe’s Southern Kitchen has just extended its Creole inspired food from Covent Garden to a new venue location in Kentish Town, North London. It seems like an unusual area choice as on first appearance it comes across quite derelict, although it has been described as an up and coming town so maybe not all hope is lost. Once inside Joe’s though it’s a totally different story with the brand spanking new décor taking its inspiration from the deep south of the US with red leather booths, a wooden bar and exposed bricks.

There are not enough restaurants like this in London serving authentic southern food such as pulled pork, gumbo, corn bread muffins, Joe’s slaw, Cajun shrimp and whipped potatoes with chicken gravy. The portions here look unimposing enough but the food is rich food comes; don’t attempt the mac’n’cheese if you aren’t prepared for your arteries to go to battle – the Goey Corn Spoon Bread starter even came smothered in cheese and topped off with a blob of clotted cream. The only let down for the portions was the Crispy Southern Fried Bird, of which the half bird claims to serve 1-2 people but although the 4 pieces of chicken looks a lot in the basket when you get to it there isn’t an abundance of meat.

For the desserts you can expect classic southern dishes like pecan pie and chocolate fudge cake served with a Jim Beam honey sauce.

When we arrived at 6.30pm the restaurant was already quite busy but by the time we left it was packed, a great sign for a restaurant that had only opened 4 days prior – its great name has obviously preceded it and it shines like a beacon to the young and trendy who had filled the tables.

Joe’s Southern Kitchen is the ultimate for indulgent, hangover food for those days when you just need to feast and throw calorie caution to the wind. They have also recently introduced a brunch menu with options like Shrimp’n’Grits and breakfast muffins to mop up any residual alcohol from the night before. Diets can be left at the door as any attempt to maintain one will be crushed with cheese and fries covered in chicken salt.

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