Kalifornia Kitchen: The Instagrammable Restaurant You Need On Your Radar

By Lottie Hulme | 27th March 2019

Instagrammable? Tick. CBD craze locked down? Tick. Food goals? Tick. Blimey, sounds like Kalifornia Kitchen has got it all, plus the name is darn sexy too. Emanating whizz, bangs and wops of millennial vibes inside, this groovy pink restaurant is a real go-to for a CBD latte, tacos of dreams and a setting fresh out of an influencer’s Insta feed, and we adore it! Opened by influencer Loui Blake, the new Bloomsbury venue delves into the mantra of ‘healthy is sexy,’ using the power of plants, sustainability and innovative dishes to make up their vibrant menu that consists of an abundance of vegan delights.

A few snaps by the ‘Don’t Kale My Vibe,’ sign and positioned on the pink spiral staircase later and I was seated in an airy and exciting upper dining area, which boasts a slightly calmer vibe to that of the flamboyant and electric downstairs seating. Pastel colours line the walls and tables coupled with bursting pink blooms and offset by midnight blue seats. Foliage, a wholly millennial embellishment, is visible in vast array at this restaurant and everything feels fresh, new and invigorating.

There’s no doubt in my mind that I could’ve eaten my way through this delectable menu; alas I was with company so I held myself back – room for pudding is always important of course, especially when it’s matcha cheesecake. For main, I opted for the jackfruit and guac tacos as I was informed from a seasoned KK diner that they were “the dish of the moment” at the cafe-cum-restaurant. Despite being a somewhat small portion, the size didn’t take away from the flavour which highlighted notes of garlic and ginger; the tacos also come with avocado, fennel and caper salad, roasted tomatoes, pickled red cabbage and aioli. I had one of those rather awkward “do I pick them up or knife and fork it” moments, alas they were wolfed down either way within five minutes.

Further dish highlights, which I’m yet to delve into, included the Sri Lankan curry, rainbow bowl and Kalifornia guac burger all of which champion very healthy flavours. However, it does appear that breakfast is the plat du jour at KK, with a booming menu that includes the likes of chia pots, homemade pink croissants – umm, did someone say Insta? – and scrambled turmeric tofu on toast. It’s a given that Loui has been as creative with his menu as with his Insta posts but a taste test is yet to be given to the aforementioned.

If you’re going to Kalifornia Kitchen you simply must try the CBD latte. Kalifornia Kitchen is pushing the new craze forward by implementing it in their coffee and also has a range of other health kickers on the menu, from the protein pinkie with quinoa, strawberry, coconut milk, maple syrup, basil, orange and lukuma, or if you’re feeling cheeky then delve into a the wine and Champagne list.

Kalifornia Kitchen can be found at 19 Percy Street, Bloomsbury, W1T 1DY, www.kaliforniakitchen.co.uk

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