Late Nights at Dirty Bones Review – What We Thought

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Emily Gray by | Posted on 11th May 2016
Late Nights at Dirty Bones Review – What We Thought

New?  Kensington and Soho have been getting dirty for a while now but the Dirty Late Nights have only recently launched – every Thursday, Friday and Saturday both venues have extended hours, meaning more time to eat, drink and be merry. 

Where? Dirty Bones Kensington and Soho

On the Menu: Classic hip-hop tunes are certainly the order of the day; the soundtrack here is enough to rival the cocktails and classic American comfort food that grace the menu. You’ll find Dirty Bones signatures like the mac n cheese balls, The Mac Daddy Burger and chicken and waffles  as well as cocktails and shooters.

First Impressions: It’s a Friday night at Dirty Bones in Kensington, it is of course packed with a fun crowd. Big groups of friends are half dancing, half eating; couples on dates are looking like things are going to go particular well with the arrival of more drinks and the guys at the bar are whipping up cocktails for the people waiting – yes you might have to wait a little, the tables are never quite ready on time.

Dirty Bones 005

The Look: Perhaps it’s just me, but see Dirty Bones in the light of day and I always think Ron Burgundy would rather be at home, it’s got that sixties/seventies sitting room feel to it. Geometric prints and tiles, mahogany tones, wooden walls with books propped up. That said the bar is all about neon lights, exposed bulbs and vintage pinball machines – it might sound all like rather too much; but it works.

Salt & Pepper Squid 2

What We Ate: We kept things light, well as light as things can be in a place that serves a burger topped with mac ‘n’ cheese and stuck to starters. The charred Padrón peppers are sprinkled with Maldon salt – maybe a little too much, it’ll have you reaching for your cocktail, maybe that’s the idea. Deep fried salt and pepper squid come with chipotle aioli and are a must. Hot wing are just that: hot. Served in a Louisianna style sauce, if you can’t deal with spice then these aren’t for you, but if you like a little heat on your night out then get stuck in. And finally the mac’n’cheese balls, deep-fried nuggets of cheese coated in a crisp shell. 

What We Drank: Favourites at Dirty Bones are the Top Dog (a vodka, Prosecco and fruit concoction) and the Mutt’s Nuts (a warm Bourbon, cinnamon and maple syrup drink) but feeling like trying something different we opted for the The Littlest Hobo – Bombay Sapphire, lemon juice, passion fruit syrup and Wyld Wood cider and the You Chicken? A refreshing, drink with a zing – Barcardi Gold rum, fresh mint and cucumber, apple juice, ginger beer and a chili salt rim. 

MuttsNuts low res

Go With: This is one to take a big group of friends to if you’re taking a date I wouldn’t make it your first date option, it’s too noisy but as a second or third date on a Friday night it’s ideal. 

Final Word: If you haven’t made your plans for this weekend or haven’t experienced Dirty Bones before this is a great introduction; good cocktails, great music and a menu that has weekend written all over it. 


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