Mad Hatter’s Tea Party Review – What We Thought

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Kiki Hopkins by | Posted on 11th August 2015
Mad Hatter’s Tea Party Review – What We Thought

When Mews of Mayfair invited The Handbook to their special Mad Hatter’s Tea Party celebration of Lewis Carroll’s famous fairytale, we were slightly apprehensive as to what to expect…just how mad would this tea party be?

Mews of Mayfair is a tricky spot to find if you haven’t got the help of the brilliant city mapper app, but after walking around for a good 10 minutes, we were met by a kind waiter who wished us on our way as we towered up the steps.

We waited with baited breath to see what was behind the wooden doors at the top. We were greeted by a long table seating 15 people, which was covered in tea party paraphernalia. We’re talking china cups and saucers, tea pots, tea trays with scones, bagels, sandwiches and macaroons. Oh and Veuve Cliquot in iced buckets…not exactly a traditional tea party tipple. The walls were covered in a global map wallpaper with a large chandelier floating above the beautifully decorated table. It was a really arresting sight, but we mean that in the best way possible…this was the perfect room for some Mad Hatter’s to dine in.

The layout of the setting is the key to any Alice In Wonderland themed event as the book is known for its vivid imagery and trippy encounters (we’re on to you Alice). Mews of Mayfair did not disappoint with cigarette cases overflowing with berries and piles of crystal glasses and bottles. There were also large playing cards, Cheshire cat masks, candles and crowns…everywhere you looked you were reminded of Alice and her adventures!

The tea selection at Mews of Mayfair is vast, so I had no idea what to pick. However, I chose wisely and went for the Jasmine tea. I definitely recommend it if you visit! The whole experience was amazing, the food was utterly scrumptious and the staff couldn’t have been nicer, although they did insist on giving me too much champagne (which made for a precarious journey home). For me, the tea was the highlight of the whole affair, but the scones with fresh clotted cream and jam are a close second…I even enjoyed the cucumber sandwiches.

All in all, I had a wonderful time being transported to Alice’s wacky world and dining at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. I definitely would recommend going with your friends, or maybe even taking a client to entertain…just remember, only the insane need apply.


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