Take everything you think you know about pizza and re-imagine it. That’s what Mayfair Pizza Co. has done, with interesting results.

Mayfair Pizza Co have created a Sweet Pizza menu with fruits and chocolates instead of tomatoes and cheese. The pizzas are ideal for sharing due to their size, (smaller than a regular pizza but still pretty sizeable) and because all that dough makes for a heavy pudding especially if you have already sampled a savoury pizza for your main. The Sweet Pizza menu has 4 options; Wild Strawberry with White Chocolate, Nutella Calzone, Banana Tiramisu and Limoncello & Lime. We sampled the Wild Strawberry flavour with strawberries, large flakes of white chocolate, milk chocolate covered popping candy and a basil pesto drizzle, served cold. The basil pesto actually fits well with the other sweet flavours and all the toppings mixed together taste great, it’s just the dough that doesn’t add anything extra to the dish. In lieu of a tomato base the sweet replacement is a strawberry cream which holds the ingredients together well.

One for next time is the Nutella Calzone, a pizza base topped with chocolate, marshmallows and crushed hazelnuts before being covered in itself with dough and served warm. The Mayfair Pizza Co. takes a little bit of detective work to find but is definitely worth wandering down through the courtyard to discover. The atmosphere is sophisticated and cosy, perfect for a first date and the sweet pizza menu is definitely worth trying.


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