The Handbook
The Handbook

The Handbook went to Mews of Mayfair for a little bit of late night dining.

When we arrived at Lancashire Court just off New Bond Street, it had all the bustle of a thieves market; there were people everywhere chatting, smoking and getting ready to move on for their night out – drinks firmly in hand.

But as we stepped into the door of Mews of Mayfair, climbed the stairs we instantly felt relaxed – as we left the mayhem below and entered the twinkling, quaint brasserie. With low, warm lights, plenty of candles and a simple décor of thick wooden tables and light walls it was charming and understated.

We clinked our champagne glasses and started with scallops with smoked haddock, spinach and  chive butter – which were beautifully cooked and full of flavour – and a double baked goats cheese soufflé, which had a delicious texture but somewhat lacked the  distinctive punch that  goats cheese usually delivers.

Moving on we embraced our carnivorous side with the pork belly and burger. According to the menu the pork came with ‘a whole lot of apples’ and it certainly did, we were debating the amount; I called 7, my friend called 5 in the end we gave up, who knows maybe it was 6 maybe it was 8, maybe a whole orchard, we were more interested in getting stuck in – and glad we did as the apples were beautifully soft and the variety added so much to the pork.

The Mews burger was tender but the lobster which topped it, added richness to the burger – but taste-wise it didn’t perform so well, it was rather tasteless in fact. Although we can safely say when it comes to triple cooked chips – Mews of Mayfair have mastered them; they were crunchy, just fatty enough to know you’re eating chips without too much of the guilt, and perfectly fluffy inside. Top marks.

We finished with a creamy passion fruit cheesecake, decorated with chilli jelly and a sticky toffee pudding which was a little dry around the edges but swimming in toffee sauce.

Mews of Mayfair – would we go back? Yes definitely. The waiters were lovely, the food delicious, the atmosphere was relaxed. Just one thing: how many apples is a whole lot of apples?