Noir Cocktail Bar- What We Thought

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Kate Hicks by | Posted on 26th August 2015
Noir Cocktail Bar- What We Thought

Who doesn’t love cocktails? Choosing a delicious combination of flavours, watching and waiting for them to be blended into a masterpiece for you and your friends to sample. Team that up with long summer evenings, and you’re on to a winner. As we stepped inside the black doors of Noir, passed the ‘friendly but don’t mess with me’ guy on the door I noticed the sharp black leather and gold interior. The bar felt dark and intriguing, just like the 40’s film genre it shared its name with.


The staff immediately looked after us and I could tell we were in for a great evening. We were offered a table inside, however being a sunny evening we decided to sit outside in the ‘The Strip’. This being the area to ‘Drink, Eat and Smoke’ and that’s exactly what we did, in that order. I was later to learn a lot more about the ‘smoke’ part. It was lively and had a great ‘after work’ relaxed feel as people laughed and chatted together. I noticed most people were smoking a shisha pipe and the air was filled with some amazing smells.

While munching on some complementary popcorn, we looked through the cocktail list, which had so much to offer. I ordered a Coquette, which consisted of rum, strawberry, lychee, rose water, vanilla, lime, and candy floss (yes I know candy floss) The floss detail made the Coquette seem a bit more special than your every day strawberry daiquiri. 

Cocktail pic

I had a feeling the cocktails would be good here but had no idea just how good the food would be too. We enjoyed prawn tempura, which was perfectly battered, goat’s cheese and beetroot tarts, chicken skewers with a confit garlic and jalapeno mayo and guacamole with plantain. As the table was quite small, the food was staggered which meant we didn’t feel over faced. There were a lot of different flavours making it impressively creative.


To end our evening we were asked to try the revolutionary Noir Cocktail Bar airdiem. The staff were proud to explain that they were the first venue in Britain to offer this innovative and luxurious concept where you can enjoy your cocktail in the form of a pure, natural vapour, being tobacco free. We chose the Ginger Mist cocktail which consisted of house ginger beer, dark & spiced rums lime, bitters & ginger vapour. Even though it took a while to get used to ‘smoking’ the cocktail, I began to really appreciate the flavours. Noir offers a whole range of pipes, ones that are alcohol free too if you weren’t planning to smoke and get tipsy. Which I was well on the way to being…

Situated in the busy West End, Noir felt gritty yet harmonious allowing people to step out of London’s rushed pace for a minute to relax and unwind. Whether your there to ‘Eat, Drink or Smoke’ or like us to do all three, you’ll be sure to have a memorable experience.

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