The Handbook
The Handbook

Last Friday, The Handbook took the rare opportunity to enjoy the last of the sunshine with a window table at Obikà mozzarella bar in South Kensington to indulge in some cheese… alot of cheese.

The restaurant is painted in black but it the large open windows and the staff who were attentive and friendly ensured that the atmosphere was light and sophisticated rather than being dark and stuffy. After being seated, we were brought an orange liqueur cocktail by the devilishly charming waiter, it was sweet, yet refreshing and worked well with the buffalo mozzarella that they served it with, which also came with a classic basil pesto and a red pepper and chilli pesto.

To start, there was a clear winner we had to try their Burrata, which we were informed, had been sent over fresh from Italy that morning, we paired it with 20 month cured parma ham. It was wonderfully creamy and worked so well with the parma ham, we could have easily eaten at least double the amount, twice over.  We also tried some of the I Fritti, which according to the menu are deep fried specialities, (I think it is best to leave the diet at the door) think deep fried mozzarella, potato and zuchinni. If you are after a three course meal then we suggest sharing a starter, there is easily enough for two, and we can guarantee that you will probably want three courses.

For the main course we chose the swordfish skewers  with wholegrain black rice which is perfect if you have don’t fancy something heavier like a pizza or have over done it on the cheese, the flavours couldn’t be faulted but it perhaps it could have been served with some vegetables or salad.

Sometimes you just need a bit of simplicity and so for our other choice we went for the Formaggi Morbidi, in other words a four cheese pizza, with Gorgonzola, Stracchino, Ricotta, Mozzarella di Bufala , it was rich, creamy,  without being overpowering, no cheese sweats here. Simple, without being plain.

We then somehow fitted in pudding, which was Oddono’s Artisanal Ice Cream, and blimey was it good, forget any ice cream you have had before, the coconut ice cream was sublime, we couldn’t get enough of the fig and caramel as was the Fior di Latte Ice Cream, which was best described as milky goodness.

We had a wonderful evening: cheese and ice cream always gets top marks and with great food, a great atmosphere and great staff, Obikà is going to the top of the class.