The name Roast invokes the idea of that great British tradition of Sunday roast lunch and country pubs, yet the restaurant Roast is anything but a country pub, yes it is British and yes it does great roasts, but country pub it is not. It is that understated glamour that Britain does so well. Standing above Borough Market, Roast whisks you away from the bustle and crowding of the noisy market below, yet the glass walls and huge windows let you look down on the city and the busy streets of London Bridge.  Inside you won’t hear any of the shouts from the traders outside just the busy chatter of guests and the soulful voice of musician (who impressively sang for three hours without stopping.)

The first thing that struck me was how friendly the staff were, they seemed genuinely interested in talking to us and making jokes rather than that enforced ‘how are you?’, and I noticed this wasn’t just with us, they said hello and chatted with everybody.  The second thing I noticed was how busy the restaurant was, for a Thursday night every table was full and as guests left more kept arriving…they must definitely be doing something right and they are: the food.

We started with Pigeon on Toast and the Celery hearts and Cox’s Apple Salad, both were delicious, the pigeon was rich and perfectly cooked whilst the salad was light but the Colston Basset Stilton was punchy and strong giving a kick to the salad. We followed this with Slow – roasted Pork Belly which was perfect, not too fatty and not too lean. And the crackling! It was wonderful: crunchy without it feeling like your teeth might break and not so soft you felt like you were chewing on rubber, which can so often be the case if done badly. The pheasant was rich, and the creamed Brussels sprout would make even their strongest opponent a convert. The only disappointing thing was that we were unable to try the parsnips, after a friend had recommended that we had to try them, we ordered them but were not told until our main courses arrived that there were none left, we then ordered broccoli instead but this did not arrive. Hopefully it was just because they were so busy, but we were left waiting between courses rather a long time, enough for them to bring us a course in between our starter and main course, so this isn’t the best place to come if you are after a quick bite.

The puddings had a real homemade taste to them, proper sticky date pudding and rich chocolate pudding. Puddings are definitely one way I judge a restaurant and on that basis this restaurant is definitely worth a visit.

Reservations: 0845 034 7300

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