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Perkin Reveller Review – What We Thought

By | 4th April 2016

When dining in London location is key. Whether you’re on a rooftop amongst the trees, at the top of The Shard or in a secret underground bunker beneath the city, people are always hoping for interesting and exciting views. Perkin Reveller has combined a very unique, British location with very classic, British food to create the ultimate British dining location. 

Situated right between the Tower of London and Tower Bridge, Perkin Reveller, with its floor-to-ceiling glass walls, offers fantastic views either over the city or of The Tower of London itself. The riverside location provides a calming and open feeling; a rare one to experience in Central London. I was also informed that the outside seating area becomes a “beer garden” in the summer, making it an ideal pit to stop for a drink whether you’re a tourist out for a stroll or a worker from the city looking for somewhere to unwind after a day in the office.

Perkin 1

Service was quick and friendly and soon after ordering I was tucking into smoked salmon with a horseradish crème fraiche and capers. The portion sizes were just right and the balance of the plate was wonderful, not too much of any ingredient meaning no one element overpowered the other.

Perkin 2


Up next was a confit duck leg with cooked spinach and a borlotti bean and chorizo stew. Of course the mark of how well a duck leg is cooked is how well it comes off the bone and this one I barely had to touch before it all melted off. This was joined by a brilliantly prepared stew, adding texture to the dish without and unwanted crunch or dryness. 

Perkin 3

As I waited for dessert to come out I took in the design of the building and the layout of the tables. The high ceilings only added to the openness produced by the outdoor space and the open sandstone brick wall at one end added fantastic character to the space. Candelabras sat on the tables providing an ambient lighting and the quiet buzz of the half-full venue only added to the ambiance.

Dessert came in the form of crème brulee with a homemade shortbread biscuit. I’ve watched enough GBBO to know that the quality of a crème brulee is in the breaking of the sugar and I must say and I apologise for it in advance, that this one was absolutely cracking. The shortbread was delicious and slightly soft, sweetened the perfect amount to work as a stand-alone element but not so sweet that it tainted the dish if eaten with the crème brulee.

The Perkin Reveller Restaurant - The Narrative..© Mark Cocksedge

My experience at Perkin Reveller was extremely positive. Be it the friendly nature of the staff, the surroundings or the food itself, every element of the evening was on point.

This is definitely one I would recommend primarily for a date but that would also double up as a perfect place to bring family members or friends from both in and outside of London.