What: Pétale de Rose Menu
Where: The Bulgari’s Rivea restaurant
Why you should go there: If you want plenty of chilled rosé
Favourite thing we had: Fresh burrata with tomato and basil pesto

Nothing says summer quite like a chilled glass rosé of in the sun and to celebrate the return of the warmer weather, the Rivea restaurant at the Bulgari hotel have just launched Pétale de Rose menu which as you can imagine features plenty of2013 Cótes de Provence Pétale de Rose Château Barbeyrolles  and light, fresh dishes.

The restaurant itself doesn’t really say summer, given there are no windows (it’s downstairs) and is a mix of dark colours and velvet sofas -be warned if you’re sat at a table with a sofa, it is unlikely you’ll want to leave, they are the sort of sofas that just swallow you up (or be able to once you’ve had all the rosé). But then British weather rarely says summer when it’s supposed to either.  

The dishes are all on the smaller side, but they say less is more and actually when it comes to summer you don’t tend to feel like eating quite as much – unless of course it’s a barbecue and then all bets are off.

RIVEA_LONDON_29-04-14©pierremonetta-73 copy

Fresh burrata was simply served with tomato, a fragrant pesto and basil leaves, a classic summer choice if we shut our eyes and tried to block at the noise of the restaurant we could have been in Italy… and used our imagination.


Next up was sautéed squid and cuttlefish served with crispy vegetables, followed by veal piccata, capers with lemon and pine nuts and red mullet came with fennel and olive taggiasca. They were presented with floral garnishes and bright summer colours; although, as I said the dishes are designed to be on the smaller side, it was like eating 3 starters, so if you’re hungry I would definitely advise getting involved with the bread basket.

To finish was a Mara des Bois strawberry and poppy seed macaroon and strawberry ripple ice cream; although the macaroon, which was more of a cross between a macaroon and a boudoir biscuit, was rather chewy. It was pleasant, but not something I would be racing to recommend.

We headed back outside, to find that no we weren’t in Italy but it was still light (hurrah!) and we did feel like we had just tasted a little bit of summer.


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